The Pack goes camping

Toongabbie Cubs held a camp at
Heathcote  in October.

The pack got to help set up their campsite and experience fun activities like bushwalking, following a trail and cracking the code, cooking pikelets and finding water.
They also had an ‘Australiana’ themed campfire as part of the
Great Aussie Bush Camp Out Weekend.

1 Parade 2 Settingup

Here are some of their comments from the weekend -
“During the period of camp, there were so many exciting activities, including a game we made up. I will call it “Hide and Find” – it’s like “Hide and Seek” with walkie talkies. Campfire night was amazing – we got to roast big marshmallows! I recommend this to the other Cubs who have not gone on a camp.”  -Z

3 Breakfast 4 Cooking

“First off my favourite part was when we went to the pool which was like a lake, and it was really clear, yet I thought since it was in the bush it would be really dirty. I really enjoyed sleeping in tents overnight as this was my first experience, and I’ve never slept without the comfort of my parents. I also really liked how they gave us healthy food since we were in camp, and the food that we were given really gave me the energy to do the activities.” -L

5 Bushwalking 6 Wakeup

“We played with the Walkie talkies. The game was boys hide girls find, it was really really fun. It was a really long game. For morning tea we cooked the pancakes on a grill with cream. It was delicious. We learned how to find water from plants and how to get clean water. We started packing up and helping taking the tents outs.  I really enjoyed camp because it was interesting to learn codes and signs.” -M


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