Our History

Before we can start talking about the 1st Toongabbie Scout Group we should look at were the scouting movement started.

Scouting’s origins date back to the start of the Twentieth Century. They have survived the two World Wars, sweeping social events and the challenges of other influences, to become stronger than ever. It does this by placing the needs of young people first — in a program that can adapt to change.

The Founder of Scouting, Lord Baden-Powell of Gilwell, was born in England in 1857. He lived a busy and adventurous life and, as a boy, spent much of his spare time in open-air pursuits, hunting in the woods, and joining his brothers in expeditions by land and in their boats. Thus he developed his powers of observation and resourcefulness, which helped him to acquire many useful skills.

His family was not wealthy, his father having died when Baden-Powell was young.  His only chance for higher education was to obtain a scholarship.  This gave him entry into the Army.  He was sent to India, where he served for many years.  He tried out his ideas of training soldiers in “scouting,” and taught them how to develop experience in stalking and how to fend for themselves, as well as being observant of all signs that would give them advantages as soldiers. He set down his ideas in the book, “Aids to Scouting,” which was used as an army textbook for many years.

After the famous siege of the South African town of Mafeking by the Boers, Baden-Powell, who was in charge of the defending force, was a hero.  He was given a great welcome on his return to England.  Sir William Smith, leader of the Boys Brigade, encouraged him to set down his views on how he would apply “scouting” to the training of boys.  First, Baden-Powell conducted an experimental camp in 1907 on Brownsea Island off the Dorset coast, where, with some twenty boys and suitable adult leaders, he taught the boys what he meant by Scouting.  They lived in tents, cooked their own food, and learned many valuable skills through games.  The camp was a great success.  Baden-Powell wrote of his experiences in a book he called “Scouting for Boys.”  Published in January 1908 in fortnightly parts, it sold readily to the youth in England, who started to carry out “scouting” as they read the book.

Although the year 1908 marks the official beginning of the Scout Movement, Scouting really commenced with the Brownsea Island Camp in August 1907 (click on the Brownsea island tab for camp details) .  Following this camp and the publication of the parts of the book, young boys in the community formed themselves into patrols of six to eight, and then looked around for adult leaders who could help them.  Soon there were thousands of Scouts all over the country, and Baden-Powell had to set up an office to look after the new movement that had begun.

Within two years a rally at the Crystal Palace, London, drew together ten thousand young people.  The Girl Guides Association was formed in 1910, after which came the Sea Scout Branch in the same year.  The Wolf Cub section was formed in 1916, Rover Scouts in 1918, and the Special Test (now “Extension or Handicapped”) Department in 1926.  The Group System (Cubs, Scouts and Rovers under the leadership of a Group Scoutmaster/Leader) was established in 1927.  Deep Sea Scouts followed in 1928, Air Scouts in 1941, and Senior Scouts in 1946 (now known as Venture Scouts). Joey Scouts, the latest section to be formed, began in 1990.

Meanwhile, in 1908 Scouting had also spread to Australia, New Zealand and India.  Other countries followed shortly after. Chile, in 1909, was the first country outside the then British Empire to start, followed closely by France, with the Scandinavian countries and the United States in 1910. In 1937, two-and-a-half-million Scouts from nearly fifty countries were affiliated with the International Bureau.  The Bureau was set up to safeguard Scouting, and to prevent control drifting into the hands of the purely religious, political or military bodies. Wood Badge Training for leaders commenced in 1919 at Gilwell Park, England, and has, over the years, become established as the method of Leader Training throughout the Scouting World.

General Sir Robert Baden-Powell (as he became) was proclaimed World Chief Scout at the first Jamboree at Olympia in 1920.  He was raised to the peerage in 1929, and was awarded the Order of Merit in the Coronation Honors list in 1937.  He traveled widely, encouraging Scouting in every country he visited.  He came to Australia three times: – in 1912, 1931, and to the first Australian Jamboree in 1934-35.

Meanwhile Scouting had become established as a most successful scheme for the training of boys. In many countries, including Australia, it spread rapidly because it was what the young people wanted to do.  Soon a headquarters was set up and leadership provided by recognized members in the community. Many countries showered honors upon the Founder. He retired to Kenya, where he spent several happy years with his family until his death on 8th January 1941.

He was described as “The Piper of Pax” (Peace), because of his tremendous contribution to youth and world peace.

There is now a World Scout Committee, which provides unity amongst the National Associations, with a World Bureau operating from Geneva and independent national organizations in over two hundred and fifty (250) countries and territories.  Scout membership is over twenty-five million.  Adapting to the general changes in society, Australian Scouting admitted females to its Venture and Rover Sections in 1973, and to the Cub Scout and Scout Sections in 1988. When the Joey Scout Section commenced in 1990, girls and boys were both admitted.

For each generation of Scouts, the challenge has remained the same:  to make a better world and have some fun along the way.

Reference Books: Scouting for Boys, The Wolf that Never Sleeps, Facets of B-P.

* This article is courtesy of Scouts New South Wales

the 1907 experiment camp at Brownsea island is believed to be the beginning of scouting, however the articles that gave the movement it’s real start didn’t get published until 1908. Scouting for Boys inspired a wanting youth to be the best they could be.

In Australia the first article was published and distributed on the 28th June 1908, by the Sydney Sunday Times. The owner of the paper Mr R. C. Packer and the editor Mr T.R. Roydhouse was so interested to see if the articles had made the same impact as they had in Britain, they asked if anything had come of this scouting thing. And the patrols responded.

It is recorded that the first Scout Patrol was started at Fort Street School and was recorded in the school newspaper, but it was short lived as it only lasted about a month.

But on August 16th the Sydney Sunday Times headline was “Mosman 1″, and all scout patrols were asked to write in and register, by the end of August there was a number of patrols register with the paper, they included Leichhardt, Mosman 2nd patrol, Marrickville, Liverpool, Bondi, North Sydney, Woollahra, City, Clevelend St School, Balmain, Edgecliffe, Redfern, Waverley, Enmore, San Souci and the first Country patrol Glenn Innes.

During September it was Realized that an organisation was needed to help these patrols develop, Toongabbie recently formed was one of the first Patrols with one of the First Scoutmasters, Mr E. Knox.

In October 1908 the first meeting of the Organisation was held and chaired by Mr T.R. Roydhouse, from this meeting the Boy Scouts League of Australia was launched and they had decided that Scouting for Boys would be the official handbook for N.S.W. And it was instructed that patrols seek out other patrols in their locality and form Troops and re register with the League. Mr R.C.Packer was appointed by the league to be the Chief Scoutmaster. And Mr E.Knox and Mr R.J.H. Moses the founder of 1st Petersham were appointed as the first Secretaries of the Organisation.

By the End of 1908 the Strength of scouting had grown 155 registered patrols, not Troops, and then there were 11 registered Troops, they were in order of Registration. 1st Mosman, 1st City, 1st Leichhardt, 1st Toongabbie, 1st Cleveland St. School, 1st Petersham, 1st Woolahra, 1st Neutral Bay, 1st Glebe, 1st Redfern, 1st Hurstville.

January 1909 saw Mr E. Knox become the Secretary for Interstate Scouts, and this was the beginning of the National movement. From these humble beginnings there are only 6 Troops still running continuously, Many Troops have made claims of beginnings in 1908 but these were not recorded at the time so no evidence exists to support their claim. We should be thankful that Mr E Knox later Sir Errol Knox. Had the vision to see that Scouting had a future, and 1st Toongabbie had such an influence on the direction of the early organisation.


1st Toongabbie Scout Group was formed in 1908

Three brothers Tasman, Roy and Cyril Lavender helped in getting numbers to form the First Toongabbie Troop of Boy Scouts under  Errol Knox, then a university Graduate,

A boy who will go places Errol Knox in the early 1900′s

The first meeting was held in the barn on the Knox property later to become a successful Melbourne journalist and a Major in the First A.I.F. The first Scout Hall was an old barn at the rear of the Knox home and the Troop paraded in the Willmot’s paddock. We were the second only to Mosman Troop to form in Australia.

The present First Toongabbie Troop Scout Hall in Bungaree Road is on part of the original Knox property; the land was donated to the Troop in 1934 by Mr. G. Garnett.

The Troop members were  Errol Knox Scout Master, Roy Lavender Cyril Lavender, Woodward, Aurthur Willmot, Bill Metcalf, Stan Willmot, Tasman Lavender.

The Knox Family Home built in 1890  (It still stands to this date)

January 4th to 7th 1909 the First Boy Scout Camp was held at La Perouse.

The Troops to attend were Mosman, 1st Toongabbie, Petersham and 1st city troop.

Newspapers in January, 1909, report the camp at La Perouse with First City and Toongabbie Troops and Petersham Patrol. It’ was held from 4th to 7th January. The officers were: Senior Scoutmaster H. Cohen, in command; second in command and quarter­master, Scoutmaster E. H. Knox (the Toon­gabbie leader); attached officers, Scoutmasters Lloyd and Moses (above officers were all in the University Scouts); Sergeant-Major, Patrol Leader Nash; Quartermaster-Sergeant, Scout Lavender (Toongabbie); Color-Sergeant, Patrol Leader Bradley.

Toongabbie Scouts performed first guard duty from 6 p.m. to 6 a.m. Bathing parades ambulance drill including the provision of emergency stretchers from sticks and coats, boxing, tracking, and other Scout activities filled in the four days.

The First City Troop had its headquarters at Fort Street.


21st March 1909 A dispatch race from Toongabbie to Macquarie Place, Sydney, was carried out on Saturday 21st March 1909 afternoon In relays by 32 boys belonging to the various Scout patrols. The distance was covered in 2 hours 47 minutes, Including all stoppages, the actual running time being 1 hour 47 minutes. Tho boys engaged in the race consisted of four from each patrol, and each boy covered half a mile. The Toongabbie patrol, viz., Masters West, Paul, Finlayson, and Metcalfe, proved the victors, running about distance In 1 hour11 minutes 47 seconds. Scout Master E. Knox, who inaugurated the race, and had charge of the affair, accompanied each boy on a bicycle. President Wilmot, of the Blacktown shire, is rewarding the victors, and a prize Is also to be presented to them.

The first recorded meeting of the 1st Toongabbie committee was held in the Toongabbie School of Arts on the 13th October 1932. The Committee nominated was, Mr J Milne President Mr F Flowers     Secretary Mr McDonald  Treasurer Mr Willmot  Vice President

It was proposed that all the ladies present be elected on the social committee,  Mrs Randall being elected the Social Secretary.

Mr W Brady was elected as Scout Master.

Annual subscription fees were set at 1/6 single 2/- double. The Troop members were William Brady S.M., Keith Clemens, Doug Gilliam, Arthur Thom, Frank Green Cub Master, Don Gilliam, Loyd Parry, Bob Sturges, Hector McDonald, Ted Quin, Bill Garnett, Jack Stevenson, Ben Mcgaw, Vic Buttenshaw and Paul Finance.

Meetings were held monthly until the war years when they were held every 2 or 3 months.

February 1933.

Miss Worthington was elected as Assistant Cub Mistress with Miss Garnett as her assistant. Parramatta District Boy Scouts held a Swimming Carnival, 1st Toongabbie participated but the results are not known.

1st July 1933 the Troop met at the corner of Binalong and Fitzwilliam roads. Hear they formed two deep and marched down to Quinn’s old quarry just by Toongabbie Creek on Old Windsor road Here they formed a horseshoe while A Jessop held the flag. Before the Investiture the S.M. gave a talk on the Troop and Scouting and the Investiture started. The Scouts to be invested were P.L.’s Clemens and Milne, Second Doug Gilham and Scouts Thorn And Stafford. After they were invested T.L. Garnett gave them their Hats and Staff.

In October the two Scout Leaders, Mr Brady and Mr Garnett Received there “Badges of  Office”.

Some of the Scout outings included a visit to Pennant Hills camp, marching in Parramatta Procession, Armistice service at North Parramatta and a 10 day camp at Pennant Hills.

1934 The Present 1st Toongabbie Troop Scout Hall  in Bungaree Road is on part of the original Knox Property: the land was donated to the troop by Mr G Garnett.  Mr John Snowden Group Scout Master opened the original Scout Hall on the present site made  out of an old bus (called the bus).

December 4 1934

4 Scouts from 1st Toongabbie attended the Jamboree in Melbourne, assisted by the group committee.


Mr W Brady became Group Scout Master he retained this position until 1950.

The first Parramatta District Athletic meeting was held.

The 1st Toongabbie Scout Group organized and performed entirely in a concert held in the Toogabbie school of arts.

Competition camp held at Bundalla 3-4/12/39                                                                  We all met at the club room on Saturday and gathered up gear etc and after many faults starts we at last carted the stuff as far as big Bills place, were the grub was stored. Hearing a loud rattle coming down the road we looked around to see that Honorable derelict known as Blaskew’s car come chugging up the straight. Promptly thanking Mr Haskew for the offer he handing made us dumped all our gear on the old bitser and shoved it off down the road to the camp site. We were now free of encumbrances for our hike down to the camp site (that is all but a couple of keen young scouts including Clem Green, Bill Brady and Jim Grey who had gone off ahead with only half there fair share of the load) we soon caught up with these young larrikins and laughed at there distress as they saw us carting nothing but our selves.

We soon arrived at the campsite and after a wait of several hours to be inspected and to be given our campsite we  at last were able to pitch our tents. We had intentions of having stew for tea that night but have enough time to cook it properly, however we drank the stew and ate the vegetables and shoved the meat behind our ears to be used as chewing gum afterwords. Bill as in charge of the requirements of the inner man (you poor sap! don’t you know that means the grub, fodder or food). Well at any rate Bill was in charge of the nourishment and had a nice little tent all alone to himself and the provisions. (Let it be known all ye readers, that Bill, alias Blaskew and lately known under the appelatind of hamburger Willie has been promoted to the highly exalted and honorable post of quarter master!!).

That evening we had a camp fire competition in which we came a close second to Castle Hill, and then after a  supper of creek water (they said it was cocoa)  and biscuits to which we invited  1st  Girraween (scouts not guides)  and after a bit of a tussle between R and S we at last got to sleep.

We awoke next morning to learn that the bandicoots had eastern most of the apples. P J Parry and I passed our 1st class cooking badge on Sunday morning then after wards we had a parade at which various commissioners and scouters addressed us, we then had a Scout own and then an inspection of tents and gadgets was conducted after lunch we struck camp and were once more inspected and then tramped off home, to find Haskew’s farther waiting to cart our gear back. A couple of us hopped on the car and when we arrived at the club rooms we found our gear all roped up. We at last undid it all and then dispersed to our homes.

Hoycha!!! We came second.

An Afternoon with Girraween Guides

On Thursday night our honorable and noble skip told us that we were going to Girraween on the following Saturday, of course this announcement was greeted with excited cheers. Some of us were very eager to go to Girraween.

Prompt at the time named we set out for our trip on the way up skip shouted us to soft drinks (bless his little hart). We all thanked him heartily and continued on our way.

We finally reached our destination and commenced to play. At last the welcome news lunch was ready, we all trooped in the hall and commenced to tuck into the grub and soft drinks.

After lunch we started to have concert items. The guides put on some items. Then came our turn. At last it was all finished and we went out side and had a camp fire. When that was all over we went home and bed.         H Hair Heron Patrol.

New Year’s Camp at Doonside. (What – ho! did we have some Fun)

Bill, Ted Parry, Ted Gribble, Myself and a couple of other twerps had decided to camp at Doonside for the week end. But skip asked me if I could get some other scouts to go up and make it a troop camp, as he was coming. This was done accordingly.

On Saturday morning Ted Gribble, Norm Burns and myself rode down to the club room to find skip the sole occupant. We had a talk with him and told him we would go and see some of the scouts I couldn’t see the night before. Norm and I went together, and teed went by himself.  After norm and I had finished we came to the station, where we had said we would meet Ted. When we arrived there we found that the bird had flown (ted). After talking to skip we said we would meet him at Doonside station.

We met skip at the station and proceeded to take him to the spot we had chosen for the camp. We reached the camp sit and proceeded to pitch our tents. This finished we started to get dinner prepared. We finished dinner washed up, and then started to muck around Ted Gribble, Norm Byrnes, Bob Gribble and myself finished passing our second class test that evening. Norm, Bob and I also passed our first class cooking. Wile we were not at the camp sit the guides up there would muck up our tents and that.

Skip went home on the Monday night because he had to go to work on Tuesday morning. He let us stay on till Friday night.

On the Thursday night we went to the club room to have our meeting. The Herons, Ted Perry and Bill were the only ones there. we had a muck around there and came home.

When we got back Mrs Gribble gave us a cup of tea each. When we got down to the campsite our tent were empty and the guy ropes were all loose. We told Mrs Gribble about it and the whole tribe of us went down to investigate. We fixed up the tents, and got into bed at about   2 o’clock in the morning. we found a note there too. The girl Guides reckoned they didn’t do it, but you cant always believe girl guides can you?. We broke camp on Friday night and went home happy and contented.        J Hair


In the 1940′s fates, rallies and socials were the main fund raisers while camp fires and Annual Dinners were popular.

Saturday August 10th 1940 the troop started paper collecting for the war fund today we a very considerable quantity, the chaps all went round the houses during the afternoon collecting it.


nx32811 F G Fitzgerald 2/5th field reg leaving today with good hunting from the 1st Toongabbie scouts and cubs

We received a card from skip December 1940 from Palestine.

Competition Camp at Bundilla

The troop attended the Annual competition camp this year, but turned up in rather disappointing numbers. This was due to the fact that we have been carrying on without a scouter for several months and several of the weaker chaps have lost interest all things considered our standard of camping was not to bad nor was our camp fire, but where we 1st points heavily was in our club room work, lack of records and general slackness of the chaps as far as keeping the club room and gear in order.

We came sixth in the competition which was won in both general scouting and camp fire work by 1st Baulkham Hills.

8th January 1941 The Chief Scout Lord Baden Powell Died (went home) today in Kenya at the age of 83 years.

Memorial service to the Chief Scout.

The troop attended the memorial service to the Chief Scout at the Sydney Sports Ground on Sunday afternoon the 19th January 1941.  The weather was perfect and there were thousands of Scouts there. The march past of flags looked very fine.

Skip Brady has undertaken to keep an eye on the troop for the duration of the war, starting from the first meeting this year.

Combined Swimming Carnival.

The carnival opened at 8pm.  The troop entered the carnival and came second in the relay shield. As the troop did not have much practice they did exceptionally well. None of them were champs but they went in with the right scouting spirit to do there best. Jack Brady, Ted Parry and Jack have gained us many points and Bill Haskew tried well for the Senior Diving. Many others did their best including me and we all feel sure that the troop is as proud of them as if they had won. Barry Townsend of the Cubs receives special honers for his wins. With extra practice and enough spirit we should do very well next year.                                    John Pola

Good Scouting   W H Garnett H.M.A.S Sydney,  5/3/41. Wednesday 5th March Bill Garrett ex P.L. of kingfisher patrol now in the R,A.N. and at present home on leave came over to see us to night, he yearned to about the navy and about the battle with the Bartolomeo Colleon.

                                                                              H.M.A.S. SYDNEY          The Crew of H.M.S. Sydney


On 19 November 1941, Sydney was involved in a mutually destructive engagement with the German auxiliary cruiser Kormoran, and was lost with all 645 aboard

Easter Camp 1941

The troop spent this Easter in camp on the Nepean River about four miles from Penrith. The troop hired a boat and rowed up the river to the site. Parramatta sea scouts were camped up there at the time and rowed those who could not fit into our boat, up to our camp site. We pitched our tents and then the herons prepared lunch. After lunch the magpies went for a row in the boat, we climbed a rock and some one pushed me into the water. Wile the herons went for a walk along the railway line. We did not know the time was slipping away, but we knew that it was time to go and cook tea because we saw them coming after us like a flash. That night after an enjoyable tea the Q.M.  Discovered a what you might call a big dipper by sliding down a slope on a slippery piece of bank which the boys tho-rite great.

The next day some boys went down to get the provisions. Saturday night we had a camp fire in which I introduced the new kind of bed which I named a whiffle because I am the cream and the blankets the pastry.

Sunday morning all the boys ran around growling about breakfast. After breakfast skip arrived gave us some wide games which the magpies won. After that G.S.M. arrived, skip and he rowed up and interviewed the sea scouts it was funny sit the boat was tossing like a cork.

Monday morning all were bustling around wanting to get home. After dinner we pushed off to walk to the station. on the way we came upon dead flying foxes, snakes, lizards and a magpie. Arrived home after an enjoyable camp a bit short of grub worse luck.                             P Kenyan


Roster Camp at Bundilla 10th 11th May 1941

This week end it was our turn to camp at the District Camp Site.

The troop assembled at the club room at 1.30pm and after collecting our gear we set out for the camp site, arriving there just in time to pitch camp and prepare dinner by night fall. We had tea by camp light. After cleaning up we went for a stroll, returning about 9.30pm we went to bed. the next morning after breakfast we had flag parade, then we repeated the Scout prayer and had a few moments silent remembrance of our mothers as it was Mothers Day. After this parade we got on to our roster work. we dug several rocks out of the motor track into the camp and repaired and rebuilt the steps and paths on either side of the creek crossing, also putting up several hand rails.

These jobs occupied us to dinner time, after which we had a wide game along the creek and then downed camp and set off for home just on night fall.          Chips


Hike Saturday 5th July 1941

On Saturday July 5th those of the troop that turned up and did not have to go to fire practice went for a hike around Baulkham Hills.

Bob and i set out first to lay a trail for the others, Alf And Barry, Ducky and Cubs. We had to go like lightning because we did not have enough start. We led the trail down Bungaree Road we then turned to the right then to the left. We went for about 300 yards then turned across a paddock. We had very much difficulty in finding things to lay trails. We cut down to the creek then followed  the creek up to a bridge to Q.M, Skip and Chips and turn for the ones that were following the trail to catch up. we then walked up along side of one tree golf course. We saw a tree inside a tree guard on top of the hill. So we decided that it was the one tree of the one tree hill golf course. We went along further and we come to tree with what the boys called monkey nuts. they were trying to get a feed out of them but didn’t succeed. We saw an orange orchard which made all the boys mouths water. Which nearly led them into temptation. It was very windy on the hill tops and was cold too, and we were all Hungary so we started for home. We were walking along the road when Astque’s Bitzer  nearly skittled the whole lot of us. so we trudged homeward weary as we could be.

Wentworthville V Toongabbie Soccer 11th July 1941

On Saturday 11th July Toongabbie challenged 1st Wentworthville Scouts to a Soccer match in Garnet’s paddock behind the club room. It started at 2.30pm and for the first half Toongabbie scored 2 goals and Wentworthville scored nil. In the second half Toongabbie scoured nil and Wentworthville scored one goal. The game ended at 4pm. After a very entertaining time and a very exciting time Toongabbie winning 2 goals to 1. We were also challenged by Wentworthville to play them league on Saturday 20th July.


15th-18th May 1942 4 Day camp to Kuringui

We all left Parramatta at 8 am on Friday morning. Young Teddie the nephew from 6th Parramatta was carrying a rod for skip. On the way he turned to Jim Gray and said I wish the mug who owns this had left it at home. I bet he also wished that he had stayed at home also when Jim said do you its mine. Nothing more happened until a frying pan came loose from the luggage rack and aimed its self at my head (and scored a bulls eye too). We arrived at Hornsby at 5 past 9 and found that the train did not go till 11-45 (good old skip). Old rexona wandered around Hornsby for about half an hour then all of a sudden the shops all shut.

We reached Mt Kuringi at last and after endless climbing down the mountain side, we arrived at camp and while a few went for provisions the others decided to put up the tents. The tents were pitched and everybody was waiting for dinner. We were just deciding weather we would eat skip or his nephew first when the provisions arrived. After lunch every body went fishing bar the cooks. however they had no luck and came back.

6th September 1942                                                                                                                       Last meeting before taking up duties in R.A.A.F E H Gribble.

12 September 1942

William and Walter Garnett                                                           Pop Garnett has gone home and we shall not have his expert Knowledge of scouting gadgets and ideas to help us out any more.  Our regrets are that he did not have his constant ambition relished– he wished to build a new club room and had planed the whole job out, blow the finance it would work out somehow and we believe his purpose would have been fulfilled, as he had made a start with the timber in his spare time at home.  He became a scout at the Australian Jamboree after camping there with the troop. The investiture was held just as Pop and skip were about to leave camp for home. The district Commissioner Mr Snowdon was the Skipper for the investiture and acted on the inspiration, no doughty aroused by the boyish enthusiasm of Pop to be friends with everyone. No boy however, could have been so thrilled or excited as Pop was on the home journey from the Jamboree. His generously, to the extent of sacrifice, is known and to him the scouts owe the clubroom and the grounds also the use of the adjoining paddock for sports. When the club room was declared open in 1934 by the district commissioner the 1st Toongabbie troop gave pop the thanks badge after Mr Snowden had opened the club room by ceremony. Ted Quinn made the presentation as troop leader on behalf of the scouts.

He was anxious to form and old scout branch so that he could camp, hike act and insisted that he should attend all scout camps.

Hiking back form Norah Head back to Buff Point camp, he was offered a lift by a passing motorist and he quite indignantly replied that “scouts don’t accept lifts when hiking”.

We attended the funeral of Pop Garnett in Parramatta.  The funeral commenced at funeral parlor. We formed a guard of honor while the funeral passed.

Richmond camp 14th/15th November 1942

We arrived at Phillip at about half past nine, Phillip is a couple of bits of board stuck together to form a station.

We walked up the river a couple of hundred yards and decided to camp, the kingfisher and herons camped near each other and the kangers and cobras camped together. We got dinner and then had a swim, we thought the water would be deep but we could paddle nearly all the way across.

We had tea then had a camp fire, Kingfishers and herons raided the others only they would not fight.

Sunday we had breakfast had some games more swimming then lunch then played then prepared to go home.


Competition Camp 13th-14th December 1942

We left the club room at 2.30pm and hiked over to the camp site. We meet Mr Brown on top of Old Windsor Road and arrived at the camp site at 3.30pm.

We pitched the tents and while we were making a kitchen Peter and Jimmy made a latrine. We had our tea then prepared for a camp fire, our show was not very good because we had no songs.

We had our breakfast then we had a scouts own some bloke came over from Parramatta and gave a bit of a speech. The rest of the morning we went for a walk and found a wild ducks nest.

After Dinner we had some games then we got word to get ready to break camp. The result was we came third.


Weekend Hike Leumah to Campbelltown via Georges River. 19th/20th December 1942

On this hike only ten went the rest must of thought that they’d get footsore. We met at Granville station at 8-30 and caught a train to Liverpool, at Liverpool some of us went shopping, Skip and Alf went looking for a butcher, quarter of an hour later the train arrived but where was Skip and Alf (don’t look at me i ain’t got em). Well we piled our luggage on the train and arrived at Leumah a quarter of an hour before the next train from Liverpool. We waited for Skip and Alf at Leumah.

We hiked for about two and a half miles before striding into the bush, from the road to the river was one mile. At the river we had a swim and lunch before pushing off again. Several stops were made on route and it was getting dark, a camping place was looked for.  At last one was found so we all hoped in for a swim. Ted Perry started building a hammock and what a hammock. You get in it and make a perfect header out again. we all went to of to bed after a camp fire.

Every body was up early in the morning as an early start was predicated. Skip stopped in bed as he thought some kind person would bring him a cup of tea, but he soon lost that idea. We started hiking at seven, the day was not warm so the going was easy, several stops were made on the way for us to have a swim. P.L. Haskaw past his first class swimming. Skip sent Ted and Jim ahead to find the bend. As we all reached the bend.this left about three miles to go. Dinner was prepared and after dinner we played games on the sand. Skip then ordered us to have an hours rest, then we went swimming.

At four we left the bend the track up the  mountain was very steep, this brought us out on to the road. Arriving at Campbelltown, all of us bought some eats from Campbelltown. We caught the five fifteen to Liverpool. At Liverpool we caught a train to Granville, at Granville to Parramatta, said good bye to Skip at Harris Park, at Parramatta caught the Penrith  we arrived at Wentworthville at seven thirty tired but happy.

hike map

The Ten Day Camp At Campbelltown 15th/25th January 1943

At eight a.m. we assembled at Parramatta Station with everything but the food. We changed trains at Granville and caught a Liverpool train, at Liverpool we changed trains again, we waited about five minutes then caught the Campbelltown train.

At Campbelltown we placed our gear in the park under the care of several scouts, Skip Daisny Lando and Bob went to get the provisions and get them down to the track. They went to a general store and got our provisions and the grocer agreed to take the provisions and heaviest gear down. When Skip and co returned they sent several of us on ahead. They left Ray because he had been there before and also because he was not very big.

We arrived at the site about half an hour before Skip arrived. Allan and i took all responsibility and let the others go for a swim. Five trips were made altogether to bring the provisions down. lunch was prepared as the last of provisions were being brought down the track, everyone ate heartily. After lunch we started to erect a table large enough for all of us to sit down and eat off, groundsheets for ten days is rather unsatisfactory. We had tea and then went to bed as every one was tired.

After breakfast we fix up camp a lot better and we even pitched some of the tents without ropes, we had some good swims during the day. That night we had a camp fire but it was not as good as some we had later on in the camp.

During the camp we went yabbieing and eel fishing in the river. we went swimming practically every day and most of those who could not swim were tought. We had a lot of tumbling on the sand like standing on our heads, (or trying to) turning summer salts, Catherine wheels ext ext. we played the usual kinds of games and others which we had not played before such as Will o the Wisp stalking and mystery games. In Will o the Wisp two boys are sent out with a whistle, they were given 5 minutes head start and they were to blow the whistle at one minute intervals so the others  could follow, but this was a flop as they could not hear the whistle. In the stalking game several boys were posted at various points and the others had to stalk within 20 feet of the line without being spotted this was rather difficult as it was bright moon light and we were easily seen. The other stalking game was a bundle of dry leaves were placed at the base of each side and every boy was supplied with matches, and the first one to get past the sentry’s and light the fire at the opponents base won the game.

In the mystery game 5 boys were posted along the river after they were settled in there position other boys had to go along and find them and the last boy had to collect the sentry’s, and when all the sentry’s had been collected and when we reached Ted Parry (alias the saint) and let Haskew we were unformed that we had to go to the road and find our own way back to camp. After we hiked for about half an hour we decided Skip had sent us on a wild goose chase we picked our own course and walking in single file we sang all the mournful songs we could think of and eventually we struck a track which led us back to the road, And from there we returned to camp.

We had four camp fires altogether and on the hole they were all good. For one of the campfires we had to dress ourselves from the natural resources of the bush, there was a prize for the best and the worst attempt. I received the prize for the best attempt (a bag of coconut ice) and Ray Wilson the prize for worst attempt ( a glass of magnesium sulfate). each boy gave at least one individual item during the camp.

On the Friday before we left a girl by the name of Lucy fell from a 25 to 30 ft cliff she was severely bruised herself. broke her forearm and scratched her head, we applied first aid and made a stretcher and carried her to the road where a local man took her to the doctor in his utility.

We broke camp on the Sunday and hiked to the station in the afternoon. Jimmy went on a head and sent a taxi back to get Allan Duckworth who had burnt his foot. We caught the 6.14 train from Campbelltown. We all arrived home tired but happy after an enjoyable camp.

18th April 1943

this year the group attended an Anzac procession and ceremony at Blacktown

The procession started from in front of the Rivoli theater and we marched down  Blacktown road and turned up Flushcombe road to the council chambers. we filed and took up our positions.

We were addressed by ministers of the various denominations on the bravery of the men who fought in the last war. After the wreaths were laid on the memorial and the collection was taken up.

we then filed out and marched around the block to the Rivoli where we were dismissed and went home.

Engadine Camp 23/25th April 1943

We all arrived at Parramatta station at 8o’clock, we were met by 5th Parramatta Troop. We boarded the train and went to central where we changed to an electric train which took us to Sutherland. The we took another train to Engadine. The train was crowded but we arrived at Engadine at about 10.30am.

We hiked about 21/2 miles to our camping site. The hike was wearisome & before we reached our destination some of the boys encountered bull bog ants and Darcy who a week previous had sprained his wrist hurt it and it had to be slung.

it was about lunch time when we arrived at our camping site as the cooks prepared lunch. Instead of erecting tents we all slept in caves and that night we had a camp fire which was only a practice for the following night after which we had an early night in bed.

We rose early, had a wash and while the cooks prepared breakfast the rest had P.T. After breakfast we straightened up our gear. nothing much happened after breakfast. about an hour after dinner we went swimming in the icy water. After this we had a game during which Bob Gribble cut his shin on a rock. the first aiders fixed him up.

After a 6.00pm tea we had a camp fire, during which a Redfern Scout came and said that one of his mates was hurt. The ambulance boys found him and after deciding that no bones were broken, made a stretcher and carried him about 1/2 mile to camp over rough country by lantern light. when we got back we found out it was only a practice for us.

After the camp fire skip took some of the boys bridge building. They got back at 2.40a.m. they rose rather late next morning as a consequence. after breakfast we had “Scouts Own”, after which several boys passed tests. after dinner we packed up and broke camp at 3.00p.m. After a very decent camp.            A.S.M. J Gray

Mid 1943 the first Rover Crew was established at 1st Toongabbie with Mr Polar elected as leader by the group committee.

May 1943

He has gone home.

Ted Quin lost on active service with the R.A.A.F.  Ted was a bonzer bloke he joined the troop from its beginning and due to his willingness  and wit he always was popular with the boys and his S.M. He was always willing to learn and became a patrol leader and after a while became a troop leader. His family always encouraged him in scouting and were all active in the movement. His farther and mother were on the group committee and his sister in the guides and his younger brother is at present in the troop.

Ted when he was older took up the job of acting assistant scout master and soon after joined the R.A.A.F. as a member of an air crew. he qualified as a surgeon, wireless operator, air gunner and went away to England were he served 2 years active service. He came home and visited the troop and gave the boys a few yarns about his adventures overseas and passed some boys in there 1st class signaling. He then went away again this time he went to Darwin and was reputed missing and finally reported killed.

We shall always remember him as a good scout.      A>S>M>

19/7/43 The Rally

We camped at he club room on Friday and Saturday. They reckon stumpy Clark stunk like smoked fish all night. In the morning we put up our tents and gadgets, also the stage and lights.

After dinner people started arriving. The rally was officially opened by Mr Miller. The cubs and scouts gave demonstration of their work. The scouts then put up a monkey bridge.

The P.L.s then put on a kero tin of stew each others started selling dinner tickets (what a racket). Some one put a packet of peppers in to there stew and called it curry. This patrol also finished plates of the other patrols. The camp fire was opened at 7.00pm. and it was declared very good especially the Kingfishers play “Aladdin’s lamp”. the camp fire ended at 10 o’clock, On Sunday all the scouts were busy clearing up and wondering when the next rally was.           A.S.M. J Gray

15th October Wentworthville March 1943

We all had to meet at the Wentworthville Post Office at 1-30pm Daisy conveniently took sick so we let him stay there and tell other scouts that we would be over at the park. We lied up and marched off at 2-30 ( A.M.F. band, Cadets, Air League, Girl Guides, Wentworthville Cubs, Toongabbie Cubs, Toongabbie Scouts, Junior Red Cross, Toongabbie Rovers, Y.D.C., Army trucks, V.A.D. N.E.S.) We reached Station Street where we dismissed to have the afternoon all to our selves.

Lightening Ridge Camp 2nd January 1944

Sunday 2nd January 1944 saw 28 Scouts make a camping trip to Lightning Ridge which took 19 days including traveling.

We left Sydney 2.30pm after Strathfield we all changed into our camp uniform. we then read books etc. At night we had fights in the compartments and had tea at Newcastle we went to sleep at about 2.30am.

Monday the 3rd We had breakfast at Barron Junction it was very hot so we striped to the waist and drank all the water. We arrived at Walgett at 3.30pm. Walgett is 2 miles from the station, so we got a lorry to take us into the town. we had dinner in town went for a swim in the river. the lorry came and George (the driver) took us to our camp at Lightning Ridge we arrived there at 7p.m. and slept in a big shed.

Tuesday the 4th We made camp got breakfast and one  from each patrol got the provisions for the day. We went out to the 3 mile opal field and found some chips of opal but no extra good stuff. We had dinner if that is what it could be called and went for a swim and did some specking on the way home. we had an early tea. when everyone was in bed raiders painted every body’s face with charcoal.

Wednesday the 5th we got up early for pig hunt but we caught nothing. after dinner some went up to the mine but only cadged some chips off a miner. The rest stayed in camp because of the heat. About $.30pm there was a dust storm. Church for everyone that night. Bush brother and sister came for afternoon tea. Bed time and everyone asleep in 1/4 hour(except raiders)

Thursday the 6th All work done by 9.00am too hot so we all stayed in camp. When it got cool most went noodling and I reckon they got lost and come home at 7.30pm. we had a camp fire 9.00 to 1030pm. At the end a woman was singing “you are mine sunshine”. when ducky came up and put his arms around her and said am I?. She nearly fell over. That night raiders attacked kids in hammocks.

Friday the 7th had a log break At 9.00am we went over to George Saunder’s place and he cut opals for us till 12. We come had dinner, then we went noodling. We had tea after which we played games wen to bed no raiding.

Saturday the 8th had a log break hard day had dinner went noodling in the afternoon and that night they gave us a farewell party and Cudsy had to say goodbye to his home. we went to bed very tired.

Sunday the 9th We got up early and got the work done, cleaned up the camp till dinner time. After dinner we went noodling, some went over to George. At 6 o’clock everyone was at camp packing packs, pulling down tents which lined the side of the bower shed. At 7 o’clock the lorry came ready to take us away. We soon got underway and arrived at Walget  near 10.30. Got the other scouts(1st Walget) coming into town. We were going at 45m.p.h. Slept under the stars.

Monday the 10th We got up at 5.30 had a swim, got camp site ready, pitched tents, cleaned campsite up. After dinner went swimming till tea time. We went to bed early. we were raided by 1st Walget.

Tuesday the 11th We got up at 6.00am had breakfast and went swimming till 11.30. After dinner we went swimming and fishing. tea at 6pm (no fish) had flag break and went to bed (raided again).

Wednesday the 12th we got up at 6am had breakfast, flag break. Went swimming in the river. After dinner we went to bore baths. After a short camp fire we went to bed (more raiding).

Thursday the 13th After flag break and breakfast we went swimming. Some boys got stung by hornets. Skips tobacco walked ? for hornet stings. Got stung again in the afternoon. Played games till late at night. Some boys made supper(raided again).

Friday the 14th Some boys home sick, we went swimming all day. we were invited to pictures at night.

Saturday the 15th Up early tidied up camp, breakfast, flag break, went swimming all day. we all got into uniform as we were invited to tea. come home tired but not hungry. went to bed (raided).

Sunday the 16th the camp was tidied extra good. Went swimming in morning.  Visitors came to camp after dinner. Camp fire at night. coffee for supper, bed.

Monday the 17th Some went pig hunting and caught a pig which was eaten at tea time.

Tuesday the 18th We broke camp early. got to the station at 10.40 very hot in train. All happy after a good camp.                A.S.M. J Gray

A few weeks after this mammoth trip the 1st Toongabbie Scouts were among 1,000 Scouts who marched through the streets of Sydney.

June Mr Ted Parry received his warrant as District Scout Master and about the same time a report was given on the inaugural meeting of  Tartoola District.

Skip Fitz’s Resignation.

After four years with the Toongabbie troop Skip Fitzgerald has resigned. He will always be remembered by our troop as he was 6th Wilcannia and 6th Cobar. He was always unselfish and not to strict and this made him well liked and popular by people were ever he went. We had many decent camps and outings with him and sorry to see him go but hope he will back with us soon, and make the troop even better than he has made it now.

Blacktown Anzac March

We assembled at Blacktown near the rivali Theater at 2-30pm and marched up the main street then up to the council chambers we were addressed by councilor Stone and two clergymen and Jim (senior) sounded last post and reveille.  After  this we marched along another road the along to the main street near the rivali theater again.

Camp at Pennant Hills 1st & 2nd December

Saturday we met at Parramatta station at 8am and caught a train to Strathfield, we changed trains to Pennant Hills. We arrived there at 9.15am, put tents up and by that time it was lunch time so we had our cut lunch, then we went out hunting. B Gribble and co went up and had a look at the Scout Den.

Ducky & Normo and a few other twerps went exploring, they found a goanana so they started chasing it, but it out witted them but running up a tree, they came back groaning and stumbling over everything.

About 4.30pm we hear a coo-we and low and behold Ando comes into sight. We take his gear off and put it into the tent, while he gets into his old clothes, the we take him up to the showers and put him under it.

After we nearly all had a (forced) shower we put tea on and cooked it. consisted of boiled spuds, rissoles, bread, butter and jam. It wasn’t a bad tea so Barry Wootten passed his 2nd class cooking badge. As soon as Barry washed up the plates we went up to the parade ground and played relasings nearly every one got hurt, Normo took a flying leap over a stone ledge, he tripped and landed on his stomach and skidded for about 3 feet. Smerto fixed him up in a sort of a way. Then B Clark tripped and come down on his stomach then the game continued. About 10.30 a cub mistress come over to us with a gallon billy can full of cocoa and asked us if we would like it. We told her we would love some and that we will bring the billy back in a few minutes. (which we did). When we arrived back we got out some biscuits and drank all the cocoa, we then washed up and went to bed, but we could not sleep for the possums, we all got up and threw a few rocks at them and all turned in again and went to sleep.

Sunday We got up at 7am had breakfast and played miniature cricket then we got into our swimming togs and went up to the showers, Ando and Barry got into the shower shed first, as soon as we all marched into the shed  what should grace us but a shower of water, then there was a mad scramble to get out again, most of the Cobra and kingfisher patrols got wet, the others ran up the hill and hid behind rocks and trees.

Ando and yours truly cooked dinner, which was o.k. We had flapjacks, chips and tomatoes bread. After dinner every thing was put away and everyone went up to the showers and (don’t faint) everybody had a shower and what a shower it was.

Cobra’s then got dressed in there uniforms and down tent packed up gear and started of for the station. They caught the 1/4 to 6 train home changed at Strathfield, got another train and headed for home after a swell camp.


December 2-3  1943 The 1st Toongabbie Rover Crew attended the State Rover Moot held at Middle Harbour Creek Bungaroo St Ives.

Camp at Harley 19/21 January 1945

Friday. We met at Wentworthville at 7.30am then we caught a train to Parramatta where we changed trains (there were 9 of us) we changed trains again at Central and we reached Cronulla at about 10 o”clock. Some of us brought provisions while the others caught t idlers of the wharf.

We arrived at Bundena ready to hit the trail to Harley. the track was rough in parts, but the majority of it was good. We camped at the same place as the last camp. But the lagoon had dried a little so we didn’t need our little bridge.  At the camping spot we had a light lunch of lettuce etc. After lunch we pitched tents while others made the kitchen. As soon as the jobs were finished we ran to the lagoon for a swim there was a diving board which we repaired and we were all swimming like cats and diving like stones. After that we ran up and down the sand hills and jumping down them, then off to the beach and back to cook tea. We then went crab hunting and fishing of the rocks. When we got back to camp a cow was eating our lettuce and tomato’s etc and stuffing herself with our larder. We gave chase to the cow, but she was use to the thick scrub and got away. She had eaten all our provisions (luckily we hadn’t bought many). After cleaning up we went to bed.

Saturday. We got up at 6 o’clock cooked breakfast then tidied up the camp site and sent Normo, Smerto and Gary to town for provisions, the rest of us went for a swim and fishing. When the others came back from town we had a salad lunch. After lunch Skip and Ward arrived they took us to the surf for a swim. Chick and frank came back with Bill Clark and Chris McMartin, then we had a swim in the lagoon and games on the sand. We had tea which wasn’t bad. After tea we had swimming and releasing in the dark. Supper then Normo and chick and i went fishing in the lagoon but caught nothing. When we got back from the lagoon we were surprised to see everyone in bed with there blankets over there heads which gave the place to look like a morgue.

Sunday We got up at 6 o’clock the day was very windy and cold, we had breakfast. We went over to the surf for a swim, when we came back to camp we found it was time for lunch and everything was in the larder, because we decided to go home because it looks like we were going to have a storm.(but it warmed up in the evening). We downed tents and packed up. Skip and Ward  and some of us (4) went swimming in the surf while the rest(not mentioning names) showed how good they could dive while some girls were watching nearby. We all got ready to go and we left at 3 o’clock and rather hot. After a hot hike we reached Bundena were Bill Clark gets into about 6 drinks. When the ferry came it was so crowded we could not get on, the next one come but we all managed to get on except Darsey and Jack Edwards. at Cronulla we had to wait for them, the train was crowed but we reached Parramatta after a good camp.

Camp at Castlereagh 29th March to the 2nd April 1943

We caught the train at Toongabbie Station at 8 o’clock a.m. We managed to scramble aboard the train with all our supplies just as it started. We arrived at Penrith at 9a.m. Kirk and i got on our patrol box and started of with the others, very soon there were beads of sweat dripping onto the road. At last Skip took kirk’s end and gave him a rest, we are carrying the group box along when Haneman sights  a man or farmer coming along the road in a horse and dray so he lets out a yell how about a lift, so the driver seeing how frail and girlish looking he was gives him a lift.(that’s when the trouble begins)  We give the farmer the box to take also, they are just going when young Barry Wooten (sparrow) jumps on, as they start off they give the patrols a great leer and start making feces at them. We reach the corner where the farmer put them down, only to find Barry and Honey carrying the box about a mile ahead of us. Skip Kirk and myself tried to catch up with them, we got about 50 yards off them when a blue sedan car pulls along side them and gives them a lift. We caught up to Jimmy and Co, they said they seen Barry and honey in the car, they tried to tell them to get out but they did not stop. So Skip turn to me and Kirk, you and Kirk go after them there in your patrol, so off we  go and you should have heard the language we used. We walked about a mile along the road and at last seen the two microbes staggering along the road with the box. We took the box off them and walked about 3/4 of the distance with it and made them carry the rest of the way for not getting out of the car.

At last we arrived at the camp sites. The seagulls wanted to come in with us so the patrols put up the tents and made gadgets. It started to rain a bit heavy and i made them go into the tent. Poor me races out and get the trenching tool and dig a drain around the tent for the water to run away. Have tea lights out.

Saturday Still raining so we rush out and do our jobs and cook breakfast and we eat it in the tent. Skip tells us we are going to break camp. The rain eases of a bit so we down tents and off we go.

We hiked around the river and came to a swing out over the water so Jimmy gets into his togs and goes for a swim, so does chick and stumpy. skip called them to land to get dressed we got the train for home and arrived there at 2pm.

March at Wentworthville 14th April 1945

We meet at Wentworthville Station and then we went up to the corner and assembled for the march as followers. Flag bearers (Union Jack, Australian flag, Cub flag, 1st Toongabbie Troop flag 1st Wentworthville Troop flag and District flag) Band junior Red Cross, Wentworthville Football Team, Cubs Rovers Band, 1st Wentworthville Troop and 1st Toongabbie Troop. We moved off at 2p.m. We took the salute. we were dismissed in front of the station in Railway Street. We then went and spent our money.

November 10 1945

Welcome to Duke and Duchess of Gloucester

We decided to catch the 12-20 pm train and with 15 boys we proceeded to number 2 Cricket Ground Sydney. There were about 11000 scouts and guides attended altogether and the afternoon was rather dull and not too hot The Duke addressed the scouts and a march past then took place which was followed by displays by Cubs, Brownies, guides and scouts. On the whole the afternoon was a great success and everybody enjoyed them selves.

Christmas Camp at Marley 18th/22nd January 1946

We met at the train at about 7am Friday morning and arrived at Cronulla at 9am. Two boys from each patrol went to buy some tucker while the rest went down to the jetty, just as we got on the boat a couple more scouts turned up. We got off the boat at Bundeena and started the 2 miles to the camp site. Barry Kirk was getting fed up with the Cobras patrol box  as he was the only Cobra there to carry it. Even being helped by two bigger scouts did not make it lighter for him.

When we arrived at the camp site we found two other troops had taken the best spots but they were going home the next day so we put up our tents very temporarily for the night, to be moved to the best place the next day. There were Showers of rain all day but this did not stop the boys from swimming. The rain started to come down fairly hard and most of the boys stopped  in the tents to watch Norman and pussy Wilson mucking around trying to get there valve wireless to work. They will be taking mattresses to camp next. We had tea about 5pm and turned in early because it was raining still.

Saturday morning it was still raining but it stopped after a while. Several boys went to Cronulla to get the rest of the provisions while all those who were left shifted camp and then went swimming. They returned from town about 2pm when we had dinner and went swimming again. After tea we went over the sand and played releasing.

Sunday morning the weather was fine and and the boys had the morning to themselves. some went over to the surf to build forts to hold the sea back while the rest played on the top part of the sand.

On Sunday afternoon we went for a walk along the cliffs to little Marley, but we didn’t stay long as the boys wanted to get back to there sand castles. Pussy Wilson’s wireless was going that night so we were able to check our watches. After playing on the sand that night we went for a swim in the lake and it was real warm in.

As Monday was hot we were in swimming all day. Some one found a tennis ball and those who were sun baking in the nude copped it. Some of the boys had to go home that day and they didn’t like to leave the water as it was beaut in and we were having fun trying to sit on an old buoy which was in the lake. Wally Gribben nearly died of fright when he saw a snake which we killed and skinned. After playing games on the sand that night we went to bed about 10.30 but at 11.30 some of us were still awake so we went across to watch the surf. Poor old pussy Wilson got moonstruck or something and started to make up poetry.

The next day we had to go home and billies were being cleaned everywhere and tents were being pulled down. We had a swim and an early dinner and a couple had a fight with some flour which was left over. After dinner the camp was cleaned up and we had an hour’s swim before we finally left. We took our time walking to the ferry and arrived home about 5pm after a really enjoyable camp.


16th/17th February 1946  Competition Camp at Bundilla

leaving the club room at 10am we set a course for Bundilla. Arriving there we pitched camp and started work on our kitchen etc. The weekend proved to be very miserable by raining all the time, but we passed the time by working and talking. No camp fire was held at night so we bedded down early and awoke next morning with the usual zest.

Nothing eventful happened throughout the day except at the time we were going home when we found out we had won the competition by beating 1st Wentworthville by 11/2 points. We were presented with the Shield and District flag which the boys should be very proud of as they did a grand job and thoroughly deserved their victory.

Camp at Marley National Park 24thto 26th January 1948

The camp was attended by S.M. H Hashew, T.L. R Wilson P.L. I McGrath, P.L. L Johnstone K Goodwin, J Elliot, G Robertson, A Keihran.

Upon arrival at the camp site. The usual camp site at the outlet of the lagoon was occupied so we had to on the rise in a N.W. direction from the other camp site. We had to draw our water from the body of the lagoon which seems to be almost Stagnant and the water was not as good as the outlet.

On Sunday morning we had a Short hike led by myself to observe birds, flowers, trees and insects. Wild life abounds there but many animals, we spotted a fairly large Wallaby which soon dissapeared into the undergrowth. We broke camp on Monday at 2p.m.

The camp site at little Marley has been opened to tourist motor traffic and even then the beach and camp sites are very popular and the camp site are dirty and short of good wood.

Engadine Camp October 1948

Boys who went to camp Skip, R Wilson, Les Johns, Ian McGrath, Ron Anderson, Gordon Roberts, Gordon Purnell.

We arrived at the club room at 7am Saturday morning and caught the 7.30 train from Pendle Hill Station. we got to Cronulla at 9 o’clock. We left our gear on the station and went and bought our food. we then caught a motor train to Engadine. Here we are some one said so we all jumped out.  After standing on the platform a couple of minutes some one discovered that we had got out at the wrong station, Engadine was the next station about 5 miles further on. “Oh, Weill have walk” said skip.

Anyway we got started (after all Ando’s grumbling), we got about a mile in about half an hour or more when we decided to go back to the station and catch the next train to Engadine, having handed our tickets in when we got of in the first place pussy had to ask the station mistress for our tickets back again. When we finally arrived at Engadine it took us about three or four hour’s to get to the camping site. When we unrolled the tents and fly’s we found we had 3 tents and 1 fly (Skip and pussy had a tent and a fly and left us with two tents). I think Skip had an uncomfortable bed the first night.

The next morning Skip went down for his early morning wash( this was about 6 o’clock and it was freezing). We had games and a light hike. when we came back from the hike for dinner we found the cooks chasing the sausages which had been fly blown. After dinner we went for another hike the we had tea then a campfire. Ron Anderson had his shirt in front of the fire drying and did not notice it was starting to smolder until we smelt it burning. The next day we broke camp and left after a happy weekend.


The Pan Pacific Jamboree

The Pan Pacific Jamboree was held at Yarra Brac, Victoria from the 29th December 1948 till the 9th January 1949. The members of the 1st Toongabbie Troop to attend is as follows, Ian McGrath, Les Johnson, Ray Wilson, G Purnell and Skip.

Ian, Les, Ray, and I left home about three o’clock on the Wednesday for the Jamboree (Skip traveled to Melbourne some months before). We traveled first to Sydney to change trains. After a short stay of about an hour, in which time we were presented with tickets for meals and the train journey. At dusk that night we were on the train leaving Sydney far behind us.

We were lucky in all being in the same compartment(dog box) for the journey. We arrived at Albury early the next morning after a rough sleep. Here we had stake and sausages for breakfast. After breakfast we traveled on the Victorian railways into Victoria. We arrived at twelve thirty at Seymour for lunch. the lunch was a salad and first class compared with our breakfast. Continuing on our journey we reached Melbourne, where much laughter was caused when we saw the Melbourne electric train (like our trains). We finally reached Woodworking about four o’clock on Thursday afternoon.

Trucks and buses were waiting at the station to take us to the camp site. Arriving at the site we found out that our box had not arrived. We were lucky enough to sleep in the big marquee (which were used as store tents) till our boxes arrived a few days later.

The first few days were cold and windy, Victorian weather. We went swimming a few times but owing to a tragedy it was abandoned. The camp was well equipped with banks, Post Office, newsagents etc.

We soon met up with Skip and decided to have a day in town together. the day was arranged for a Wednesday and about 10 o’clock we were in Melbourne. Skip had to leave us for a time and we arranged to met us in the museum. We mistook the house of parliament for the museum and spent an hour or more listening to a history of parliament. Les and Ian being very interested, proceeded to clean their shoes on the rugs and covered chairs in the various rooms. After meeting Skip and wondering round the museum we had a nice lunch. After lunch we visited the university. As all the students were on holidays we did not see much, but what we did see was very interesting. At tea we were skips guest’s at a nice place in St Kilda. At night we went to St Moity ice skating and had a most enjoyable time.

A few nights later Ray the Westmead Skipper and my self went to see the musical comedy “The White Horse Inn” which we thoroughly enjoyed. After arriving back at camp i felt sick however it soon passed off (so I thought) and I layed on my side and went to sleep. About 2 o’clock in the morning I woke and before i knew what Happened, last night’s tea came up and settled all over Les blankets. This woke Les up ( for he said he could feel something cold) and quickly examining and finally throwing his blanket out the door. Then Les sat down on the ground and cried what will i do now, I hope i don’t find out. All this confusion woke Ian and all he could do was laugh. Then Les wanted to sleep with Ian and after pulling his leg for about half an hour let him in. The next day Ian trying to stop trespassers stepped in the Greece pit (the poor kid).

Every night there was entertainment either a campfire or the pictures (we always went to the pictures). In the morning the papers come, one morning came the Knighthoods and among them Hinds, who was to give a concert that night in the open air. Ian was lucky he was sick, but Les and I had no alternative so we went. The music must have been good, because Les soon fell fast asleep. (Ian and Les were glad to hear that Bradman was Knighted).

The following Friday Les, Ian and myself had a day out in town. First we visited the zoo if you may call it that. It has plenty of monkeys and birds and nice lawns but that was about all. After leaving the zoo we wondered where to go next. We were going ice skating at night. We had tea in Melbourne then went ice skating . at St Kilda we met Larry trying to win some money in a side show. He told us if he won any money at the darts he would share it, he did (we got the huge sum of a penny each). While skating a big 14 stone Queenslander crashed into Ian and knocked him semi conciaus. He went home in a state of collapse.

We had a lot of fun pulling Sancho out of bed and anyone would think he was fighting for his life, the fuss he makes. By the way the canteen was band for a day because maggots were found in one of the pies. Then For a joke Ian Peter Thompson(1st Blacktown) and I hid Les knife. Then Les had to walk about 2 miles to the lost property office.

We had a lot of fun, but after all we were all a bit home sick but in a way sorry to leave. Going home was quiet compered with arriving. in the train just after crossing the river I went up the front of the train, when I came back to my seat I found my hat had been sat apron. This happened several times and i was getting wild. when I came back about the third time, seeing my hat squashed and Ian grinning I accused him and punched him in the nose. A short fight took place, before skipper broke it up. I later found out it was Les. Apart from this nothing happened and we had a peaceful journey home after a very enjoyable camp.                         G Purnell

Area Patrol leaders Conference 26/11/1949

The attendants

Eddie Dicky D.C.C., C Andersen A.D.L. Hawkesbury, C Madisan Windsor, P Barry 1st Blacktown, J Wheeler 1st Westmead, A C Jones 1st Blacktown, R Jones 1st Blacktown, B Nealon 1st Westmead, D Ryan 1st Wentworthville, D Freeland 1st Wentworthville, Terry Boardman 1st Blacktown, Ian McGrath 1st Toongabbie, L Anderson 1st Toongabbie, George Millett 1st Toongabbie. W Calder D.C. Tartoola.

The meeting was opened at 2 p.m.

The Patrol Leaders Conference was attended by P.L’s and Leaders of the Hawksbury and Tartoola District’s. The Hawksbury District has been formed only since the recent Disastrous floods where the Blue Mountains and west met area done so much good work in helping to clean up the flood damage.

There were boys from 1st Windsor, 2nd Windsor, 1st Richmond, 1st Vineyard, 1st Penrith, 1st Westmead, 1st Wentworthville, 1st Blacktown, 1st Toongabbie.

Mr Calder D.C. gave instruction and games and then Eddie Dicky form P.H. gave further instruction. The P.L’s were very interested in the ideas. When the instruction and discussions over we had light refreshments and then closed at 5p.m.

One day hike at Glenbrook 26/3/1950

Roy and Bob went up to Penrith the night before and hiked to Glenbrook creek mouth then followed the creek to Glenbrook weir.

I McGrath, M Phillips, M Ferry and myself went up the fowling morning in a first class buffet car on a second class ticket. Every modern convenience was at our service. Reaching Glenbrook we proceeded to the weir where we met Ray and Bob. At about 11.15am we left the weir and walking up the track we seen the foot print of a Wallaby or Kangaroo, coming to the top of the hill we kept circling to the left. At about a quarter to twelve we sighted a clearing with a humpy on it. Coming up the grassy stretch we made our way over a creek and circled around the edge of a mountain and saw 2 Kangaroos or Wallaby’s coming up the rise, we found were a hut was burnt down and Phillips sat on stone with bull ants running all round him but he didn’t get bit. Walking round on the cliff we seen the Nepean river and a creek. following the creek we climbed about 50 feet to the top of a water fall, following the creek we ended up back at the grassy patch where we started. We started dinner about 1.30pm and let about 3.30 and went over to have a look at the humpy. We made the weir at 4.25pm and decided to catch the 5 o’clock train so having a wash and getting dressed we set of at 4.35 up a steep track it was about a mile and a half to the station. Reaching the station we had a couple of minutes to spare.

29th May 1951 Camp at Colong Caves (Burragarang Valley)

The camp was attended by S.M. R Wilson 1st Toongabbie, S.M. B Erkleson (Erk), 1st Flemington, T.L. M Ferry 1st Toongabbie, P.L. D Freeland. P.L. I Robertson 1st Toongabbie.

On Wednesday we set out on our camp to Colong Caves by train to Camden then by bus to Burragarang Valley. We arrived at Yerranderie at about 12.30 it was a deserted mining town. After walking about a mile we had our lunch by an old shack. Lunch or what you might call lunch, P.F. Biscuits. After hiking about 8 miles we came to our destination by this time it was dark and going down to the camp site was rather rough. We ended up rolling down. After having some stew which Erk and skip cooked we went to sleep on hard stones.

In the morning I cooked, was that some porridge. After breakfast we went to the caves. having a look through the Grand Arch, we proceeded to find a cave to crawl through. after finding one we entered talk about dark, after walking about three miles a strange smell we wonder weather it was something dead we concluded it was dry onions which skip brought. Soon we got to some tight spots and we saw some beautiful formations. Skip an expert on such things enplaned everything to us. When we arrived out in the fresh air we had plenty of time to get back for lunch. After lunch we went cave exploring again. This time we were a bit more daring and went into tougher places. When we decided to come out we found we couldn’t we had lost our way. They say when you get lost in these caves you always end up at “Kingscross” and we got sick of the dam place. Well in the end we finally got out I promptly sat on a stinging nettle and promptly arose. That night we had a better sleep as we cleared the stones away and put ferns down. After Breakfast we went looking for some caves which were on the other mountain but we did not find them. Murry and i shot back made dinner(“oh how horrible”). We were going for a swim but seeing it was winter we decided not to, instead we went into the caves it was warm in there any way the 0 out side was about 40 inside. we took photos this time with magnesium powder and a flint for a flashlight.

King Salomon’s Temple

The Terraces and Piano Stalactites.                                                   I had ago at lighting the flare off and nearly blue my hand off.

The next morning up at five we had porridge for breakfast away at eight. After a terrific run for the bus we missed it and the next one went 24 hours later after trying to phone them from the store, in the end a man under the weather, he would catch up to the bus for us, the bus being ten miles away. The  man borrowed a car from another man. A car he had never driven before but we didn’t know. Going up a hill he tried to change it into second but he put it in reverse instead. Well in the end we caught up to it. Before we got out he told us he was a cave official and didn’t like people who took souvenirs, luckily he didn’t search us. Saturday night we arrived home deadbeat after a happy camp.                                              Ian Robertson

Easter Camp at Campbelltown 10th to 14th April 1952.

Thursday night we met at Platform 4 Parramatta station at 8pm. we went to Granville, then to Liverpool waited half an hour at Liverpool for the train to Campbelltown. We arrived there at 10.30pm and proceed to the river.

Present at the camp S.M. K Turtion, A.S.M. S Bazaliki, P.L. I Neilands, P.L. I Robertson, Second B Bazaliki, Second R.Wilson, Scouts R Lee, P Neilands, R Gortry, M White, B Malloy, R Toban,

When we arrived at the river we found to our disappointment the camp site taken up by 1st Auburn. Being both tired and wet we decided to camp in the middle of 1st Auburn tents for the night. When Keith opened one of the flaps he jumped back with a start for there pairing wide eyed at him was a dog. The dog took one look at him and put its head back under the blankets which wrapped around it.

Friday When !st Auburn awoke they found us listening to there corner section. When we came to cross the river at the ford we found we could not cross as the current was too strong so we had to make a bridge across when we were just about all across 1st Wentworthville troop came along used our bridge and then camped beside us. After Dinner we made the place look like a camp. We then had a swim and then tea. After tea we had a sing song and then bed.

Saturday we awoke with the sound of a bugle bellowing in our ears every note or should I say every note attempted was a discord. Auburn now on the other side of the river was showing us how not to play the bugle. After a few rude remarks from our side of the river we proceeded to make breakfast. After Breakfast we had a swim. Whilst preparing dinner a sudden shower of rain came down we gathered all our stuff, After tea i told the ghost story’s by the end of the night i had three of them howling. Eventually they went to sleep and slept till morning.

December 15th 1956 At the group Christmas Party a framed photo of the Queen was presented to the Group by the Cub Pack to be hung in the hall to remind the Cubs and Scouts of there duty to the Queen.

Sassafras Gully 4th,5th.6th April 1958

Present Skip Harrison, B Polhill, B Crowe, E Black, G Forde, P Ives, E Foster, A Butler,

Friday the 4th We met at Pendle Hill station at 8.30am and caught the Penrith train, Skip got on at Blacktown. Arriving at Penrith we changed trains and caught the 9.43am Lithgow train on which we met 1st Wentworthville and 1st Westmead. Arriving at Springwood station we crossed we crossed the Western Highway and turned right and followed the road alongside the railway until we came to the end. We turned left and follow3ed the road around a u turn then turned left again and followed the road until we came to a fork in the road. We took the left fork and followed it until we came to a signpost that pointed to Sassafras gully. After following the track for about 15 minutes we reached the bottom of the gully where the creek which we were following joined a larger one we then followed it further down stream until we came to another fork in the creek, here there was  a suitable campsite and swimming hole.

Hera 1st Wentworthville  and 1st Westmead pitched camp but we moved further up the hill and cleared a campsite then had lunch. After lunch all the tents were pitched and useful camp items were made. we had an early tea and finished washing up about 6.15pm. A general discussion was held concerning a camp fire item that we had to put on later that night. At about 7 o’clock the campfire started and we sing and acted different sketches. after it finished we returned to camp and sat and talked for a while when one of us noticed a few shadows moving through the trees towards us. When they got close enough we gave them a warm welcome with billies of cold water. The other attacks were held off and is stopped when Wentwothville seniors came in pursuit of one of our members who had let down Westmead’s tents during the battle and had mysteriously disappeared and had returned 2 hours later to find everyone in bed. Skip slept alone in his own tent, Garry, Allen and Ellis slept together, Bruce and Barry slept together and Denis slept in Ian’s tent.

Saturday the 5th Breakfast was over by 8.30 and camp duties was finished by 10. It was free time so we decided to meet Ian Black who was coming up that morning and also to reinforce our troop with bungers.

Lunch was over by 1pm. Skip arranged for us to go for a hike up the mountain on the other side of the creek. After the hike we watched Wentworthville and Westmead who were swimming in the small pool. tea was over by 6.15 and the camp fire started at 7 during which one of our members took to hills again. After the campfire we awaited the attack which did not come.

the next morning Skip awoke to find his feet and ankles swollen up and could hardly walk, we then decided to go home that day with Westmead and Wentworthville troops. After breakfast and camp duties were finished some of us passed some tests after which we climbed the mountain opposite our camp and had some fun rolling rocks on the other side. after an enjoyable meal of pancakes which Larry first introduced into the troop. an hour after lunch we went swimming for an hour after which we packed up and set off an hour early so that Skip could take his time. Exhausted we reached Springwood station to enjoy an ice cold drink and have plenty of time to wait for the train home.

Castlereagh Compation Camp 25th 26th 27th April 1958

Present K Paris A.S.M., M Poulton T.L. B Polhill P.L., B Crowe P.L., R Redwood, G Forde, H Forde, E Foster, A Butler, E Black.

Friday the 25th We met at Pendle Hill Station at 8am and  caught the train to Penrith. We met up with Skip at Blacktown with his daughter (2 1/2). Arriving at Penrith Station at 8.45am we turned right outside the platform and walked through the railway yards down beside the railway line until we come to a road. We turned right and followed it under the railway and followed it until we came to the third road on the left. There we turned left and followed the road until we reached the end, there we come to the road to the right and then followed the next road on the left which led down to the Nepean River. We crossed the bridge which had recently been constructed and found Muscles who had already chosen s suitable campsite. We finished pitching our tents as rain began to fall, it lasted about 15 minutes after which we had a cut lunch. After lunch we commenced building the most original and useful camp items. Skip left camp before tea for he had to work Saturday. After a delicious tea of chops, peas, mashed potato and pumpkin we had a small camp fire.

Saturday the 26th We got up early and sat around on heated rock from last nights fire. For breakfast we had porridge, scrambled eggs on toast and tea. After breakfast we built fabulous flag pole but had only one flag on it.

We finished building a larder which we built on the end of the table, it had an automatic closing door on it. For lunch we had a salad after which we finished the maintenance on the camp then adjourned to the river. Muscles being a good scout introduced us to 2 girls. we talked till tea time. During the afternoon we dragged a few boys to the sight of the campfire which was to be held this night just behind our camp. Tea over by 6pm. We adjourned to night campfire at which Wentworthville won for having the best play. An enjoyable 2 hours was had by all, after which we returned to camp and had coca and biscuits.

Sunday the 27th Breakfast was over by 8am. Scouts own was held at 9am all attending. A moan was had (and rightly so) about a ripped tent. it was said that the boys raiding on Saturday night had done it. We happened to know that it was done by a falling flag pole during the campfire that night. Everybody then joined in a uncle game up the gorge, at the end of the game we were nearly excommunicated by some rolling stones (1/2 ton minimum weight). we then rolled some for our ourselves (2 ton minimum weight). Flapjacks were the main attractions on the kitchen fire. Barry being the chief cook and starting a flapjack rage for future camp menus. (one flapjack only missed) This was followed by a mixture of mashed potato and pumpkin plus onion, cheese, butter, milk and dirt. Lunch was over by 1.30pm. The campsite was demolished.

The final parade was held at which 1st Toongabbie was shocked to learn that we had succeeded in winning the Smith Shield, Westmead  was 2nd by 3 points. On our way back to Penrith we managed to hitch a ride on a truck on which there was also three charming young females. Strange as it may seem no communication was held between us. We arrived at the Scout Hall at 6pm and waited for muscles who had our packs. We then returned to our respective homes after having an extremely successful weekend in all respects.

 our camp

Camp at Pennant Hills Training Camp 6,7,8,9, June 1958

Present Skip Harrison, T.L. M Poulton, P.L. B Polhill, P.L. Ian Black, R Redwood, R Goodchild, G Forde, J Downs, A Downs, E Forster,

Friday the 6th We met at Pendle Hill Station at 7pm and caught the 7.10pm train to Strathfield where we waited 20 minutes catching a train to Thornleigh.  8.15pm we arrived at Thornleigh Station and walked east till we reached the highway, turned right and walked 1/2 mile back towards Pennant Hills Station. We then turned left and followed the road which went down at a steep grade at the bottom of it was the training camp. After making a few inquiries we proceeded walking due south along one of the tracks for about half mile till we reached a clearing near a fork in the creek. There we pitched our tents and had a brew of tea which Skip made after which we went to bed. The Kingfisher patrol which consists Ian and Ron in one tent, Geoff and his brother Allan were in the other tent. The Kangaroo Patrol consists Bill and Mick in one tent Garry, ray and Ellis in the other tent and Skip slept alone in his own tent.

Saturday the 7th Breakfast finished by 8am each patrol had there own menu. after breakfast camp items were constructed till lunch at 12.30. After lunch we finished the gadgets and constructed a chariot on which we had a lot of fun riding it down the slopes of the mountain. Tea was finished by 6.30pm after which we sat by one of the fires and talked for an hour or so when i spotted a possum climbing down the tree next to the larder. we sat quietly and waited till it reached the ground then we all raced to catch it. The possum took off with fright and climbed about 9ft up the same tree. Ron had climbed 6ft up when he yelled and cursed the possum, we didn’t know what was wrong but when he climbed down we could see that the possum had squirted him in his hair,over his face and over his shirt. we then sat and waited for him to come down but he didn’t so we went to bed. It started to rain just after we went to bed.

Sunday the 8th  Breakfast finished by 8.30am and maintenance to the camp took about 2 hours. Skip went to meet the Cubs at the main gate so we awaited beside the track with about 10 bungers each. When the Cubs came running down the track we let them have it, after a ten minute war along the track they finally reached the camp. Skip gave the cubs an hour long lecture on camping while we cooked their mystery bags for lunch. After cooking the Cubs lunch we finally managed to cook our own plus a big crayfish which Ron caught. After we had our lunch we chased the grubs all over the mountains till 3pm when they went home followed by a few bungers. Oh boy what a relief it was to return to our nearly wrecked campsite. It started to rain at about 4.30pm so we were forced to cook our tea in one of the caves. after tea the rain stopped so Ron, Mick, Ian, and myself went down to await the return of the possum at 8pm the moon come out from behind the clouds and shortly after the possum came down the tree, Ron had a swipe at it but missed the possum jumped to the ground and raced towards us everyone scattered and took after it. It raced round in circles between our legs but nobody was able to catch ti because we were laughing so mutch. It started to rain at 9.15pm so we retired to our tents and went to bed.

Monday the 9th  We awoke to find it was raining so we were forced to cook breakfast in one of the caves. the rain stopped at 11.30am and the sky cleared, all our gear was dry by the time we had cooked lunch. After lunch Mick, Ron, Ian and myself followed the laughter and screams of some girls. We caught up to them when they were trying to get down off a ledge. After watching them for 5 minutes we helped them get down, after which we talked for 15 minutes then returned to camp to find most of it demolished. We left for Pennant Hills Station at 3.30pm, when we reached the highway we turned left instead of turning right and going to Thornleigh station.The train departed for Strathfield at 4.15pm and we arrived at Pendle Hill at 5.30pm, we then returned to our respective homes after a fairly good weekend except for a bit of rain and a visit by our Cubs.                                         B Polhill

Mapping Hike Richmond 13 July 1958

Skip Harrison, R Redwood, I Black

9.20am We caught the train at Pendle Hill to proceed to Blacktown.   9.35am Waited on Blacktown Station for 30 minutes for the Richmond train. 10.05 the train arrived and we proceeded to Richmound.      1050am We arrived at Richmound, stopped and studied the map to find the way out to our destination. 10.55 We left the station and walked 150 yards to the main road. We turned left and began walking along the road, we passed a church on our right, then Richmound water supply on our left then next to it was another church, the road began to descend until we came to a creek, we then crossed the creek the road turned slightly to the right for about 100 yards then turned left to the normal direction. The road then straightened out for about 3/4 of a mile we followed this till we we came to a tee road where we turned left. On the right side of the road there were some orchards, on the left was swampy land, we followed this road for 400 yard when we came across the old railway line from Richmound, traveling along for another 200 yards we turned right following the main road, about 60 yards along while we were trying to get a ride a car stopped to give us a lift but was going the wrong way, we continued to walk on for about 100 yards when the road went down again to a bridge which span across the Hawksbury River, crossing the bridge we continued straight but it rose up about 20 yards. We continued along the road for about 50 yards till we came to a cross road, hear we turned left and continued  on till the road began to rise up, it became rather flat at the top of the rise, it turned slightly to the right for about 100 feet, then on our left hand side was our destination. 11.50am we arrived at the house and asked permission of the owner to stay on his property.    12.00 We lit a fire and began to eat lunch. 1.15 We started to map the area, climbing a small rise we came to an old grave where we looked at the area. 2.45 We had finished the map so we came back to camp. 3.15 We started for home, about 150 yards from the house we thumbed a lift in a Hilman station wagon into Richmound. 3.56 We caught a train home.        J Black

Macquarie Fields Camp  8.9.10 August 1958

Those Present were M Poulton, B Polhill, R Redwood, I Black.

Friday the 8th We met at Pendle Hill Station and caught the 7pm train to Granville where we changed and caught a train to Liverpool. We changed at Liverpool and caught a steam train to Macquarie Fields. We left Macquarie Fields Station on the southern side and turned left and followed a track along the railway line till we came to a culvert. The track crossed the culvert and turned right we came to a bitiumum road crossing the track on the other side of the road was a dirt road running due east we followed this road till we came to a fork, we took the right fork which led into a camping area with a few shacks on the right hand side. There was a lot of noise coming from down near the river, we went down to investigate and found it was a 1st Ingleburn troop who had hiked down to have their troop meeting here. We pitched camp beside the river and were about to go to bed when we heard someone shooting with a 303 rifle. We took cover as he moved closer, he saw our camp and yelled out to us, we come out of hiding and told him who we were and that Skip Harrison was our Scout Master. Skip helped clear the camping area a few years ago. lights out 11pm.

Saturday the 9th Breakfast finished by 8.30am and camp items were finished by11.30. Lunch over by12.30 after lunch free time. Skip arrived at 4.30 tea over by 6.30pm. After tea we had a wide game. lights out by 10pm.

Sunday the 10th had breakfast and finished maintenance to camp by 10am. A faked accident was part of a program which Skip had made for teaching the younger members how to apply first aid in the bush. Lunch over by 1pm. Free time. Broke camp 3pm and caught the 3.50pm train home.                    B Polhill

Warragamba Dam Area Camp 4th 5th 6th October 1958.

Saturday the 4th

Those present were A.S.M. K Paris, ( Muscles ) T.L. M Poulton, PL     B Polhill, R Redwood, G Forde, E Foster, A Butler, R Goodchild.      Skip Harrison came on Saturday night and B Crowe came on Sunday to play in the band.

Mick Poulton got a lend of a utility for the camp so we took most of the gear in it. Muscles arranged to by all the grubb and take it to the camp in his car. Garry , Ellis, Allan and ray caught the train to Penrith then a special bus to the campsite. Mick, Ron and myself arrived at the campsite at 8-15am and chose a suitable campsite, we unloaded the utility and gathered sufficient tent poles. 9-15 am Muscles arrived with the grubb. 9-45 the first bus arrived with the rest of our troop.

We made a kitchen and erected the mess tent on a concrete slab which proved to be a good idea. 12-30 we had a cut lunch, after lunch all the tents were pitched and while they were making a clothes line Ron, Mich, Garry and myself went down the valley to get a flag pole. We picked a tall thin tree and cut it down. After an hour long struggle we reached the top then we cut and trimmed it, it measured 35feet. we were preparing to erect it when we were tolled by two to of the official scouters to build a campfire for to-night. After building the campfire we returned to camp to find the food being prepared for tea. we were having mashed potato, peas, mystery bags and stewed apple and custard. The cooks were Roy, Garry and myself.

Mich and Ron drove to Penrith to meet Skip and they returned half an hour late for tea. Tea and the washing up was finished by 6-30pm and all of us attended the campfire at which i think had an enjoyable hour or so. We returned to camp and had cocoa and biscuits before adjourning to bed lights out at 10-00 pm.

Sunday the 5th

6.15 am Mich, Ellis and Allan were up cooking breakfast. 7.00am the rest of us were up ready for breakfast to be served. we had porridge followed by fried eggs and chips.

9.00 am We attended a general parade after which we attended scouts own. 10.am an inspection tour of Warragamba Dam had been arranged for us but we had to find our own way there, which became rough at times. After the tour of the dam we arrived back at camp half dead. 12.30 Bruce Crowe arrived. 1.00pm we had a mighty lunch made from minced meat, carrots, onion, potato, flower etc, all boiled up in a billy. Muscles and Ron were the cooks. 2.00pm with the temperature about 100 degrees we raised the flag pole. 3.30pm we all went for a swim at Wallacia and returned to find most of the tea cooked by skip. we had frankfurters chips and eggs followed by banana and custard. 9.30 we had coca and biscuits and went to bed. lights out 10.00pm

Sunday the 6th

7.30am Breakfast we had porridge and omelet cooked by Mich,Ron and Ellis. After the campsite was cleaned up we had free time till 11.30am.

12.00 for lunch we had flapjacks cooked by Ron And myself followed by leftovers it was the last meal of the whole camp.

After lunch the camp was demolished and final parade was held at which we were surprised to learn that we had came within the first 10 in the point count which wasn’t a bad effort we thought. Muscles took Skip and all the kids in his car Mich, Ron and myself took all the gear to the scout hall in Mich utility                                                                  B Polhill

Camp at Lake Eckersley 24th 25th 26th January 1959

Those Present were Skip Harrison, Ken Paris ( Muscles )., J Black, G Forde,                  E Forester T L, R Goodchild, R Dotter, J Duty, E Borden,

Saturday the 24th

We met at Pendle Hill Station and caught the 8.00am train to Redfern where we changed stations and caught a train to Sutherland Station where we waited for a small diesel train which took us to Heathcote Station. We left the station and crossed the highway and walked south for about 20 yards then turned right and followed the road until we came to the Scout Training  Camp on the left hand side. We Followed a track which went down past the campfire and turned right and followed the track west for about 1/2 mile until we arrived at a small wooden bridge which crossed the pipeline. We crossed the pipeline and turned left following the narrow road which we followed along beside the pipeline for about 11/2 miles until we came to a small brick shed beside the pipeline. we left the road there and followed the track down a steep embankment at the bottom of which was a small creek, crossing the creek we came out beside the Woronora  River which we followed for about 1/4 mile. Arriving at a small beach we crossed the river by means of stepping stones and climbed a small rise on top of which was a very good camping spot shaded by tall Ghost Gums.

12.00 we had just finished lunch when it started to rain lightly so it wasn’t long before all the tents were erected. The rain lasted 1/2 an hour, after which we built a larder, fire place, grease pits and gathered plenty of fire wood. 3.30pm We had finished the camp so we went for swim for an hour, returning to find the camp had been raided by Goanna’s.  4.30pm we started to cook the tea. A troop menu had been made by       Ray Goodchild and a different cook had been assigned to cook each meal. Lights out 10.00pm.

Sunday the 25th

Awoke at 6.00am to find that Goanna’s had raided our larder. Breakfast finished by 8.30am and camp was cleaned up 10.00am. At 10.00 we went for a swim 11.30 we moved quietly back to camp hoping to catch the Goanna’s, but they could run fast we never had a chance. 1200 we had lunch after which we followed a trail set by Muscles. at 3.30 four seniors arrived after hiking from Leumeah Station they were Mich Poulton, Barry Polhill, Bruce Crowe and Ron Redwood. Bruce Crowe went home at 4.30 pm. 5.30pm We had tea after which we had a flower fight followed by a swim. 9.30pm had cocoa and biscuits adjourning to our beds. Lights out 10.00pm.

Monday the 26th

We had breakfast at 7.00am and cleaned up the camp. 9.30am A lecture on first aid was given by Skip. After he had treated a dog with a cut hind leg. 10.15 We went for a swim. 12.00 We had lunch after which we started to demolish the campsite. 2.15 We had just finished packing when it started to rain. We caught a train from Heathcote at 3.15 and arrived home 21/2 hours later.                                     E Foster

Easter Camp at Garie Beach 27th, 28th, 29th, 30th March 1959

Those present were Skip Harrison, E Foster ,G Forde, J Black, R Goodchild J Downs,  A Downs, J Forde, E Borden, K Hudson, J Duty, A Butler and B Polhill.

Friday 27th We met at Pendle Hill Station and caught the 6.45am train to Redfern where we changed stations and caught a train to Waterfall. We arrived at Waterfall at 8.45am and caught a bus down to Garie Beach at 9.00am, the bus took 20 minutes.

We left the bus and walked to the beach, then we turned left and walked around to the rocks on the northern end of the beach. We pitched camp in a small hollow which was about 60 yards from the creek around which 1st Milsons Point Scouts had camped. each patrol camped together and had there own patrol menu.

12.30 lunch. After lunch we pitch our tents and pitched the long fly beside the large fire place which had been part of a shack.

3.00pm All camp gadgets had been finished so we went for a swim in the rough surf. Some of the boys tried there luck at catching a few fish but were unsuccessful. 5.30 we had tea, after which we talked till about 9.30 then we went to bed. Lights out 10.00pm.

Saturday 28th Breakfast over by 8.30am and campsite cleaned up by 9.30. We went for a hike up the rocky cliff edge to Garie North Head, where we had a fine view of the South Coast, from there we hiked about 11/4 miles North till we came to a small water fall which was about 1/2 mile from Curragurrong. Then we returned to camp just in time for lunch which was at 12.15pm. After lunch there was test passing till 2.pm, after which we went for a swim for about 11/2 hours. We had an early tea 4.30pm because of the change in weather. it started to rain lightly about 6.00pm and sprinkled continuously till about 9.15pm when it stopped so we lit a fire and made a billy of brew after which we returned to our tents and went to bed. It started raining heavier at 10.00pm and it rained throughout the night.

Sunday 29th Many moans and groans by one patrol which had the misfortune to pitch their tent in a water coarse to which appeared during the heavy rain that night.

9.00 we had finished breakfast and hung out all the wet clothes and sleeping bags in an attempt to dry them. There were rumors about about going home but we decided to stay when the sky cleared considerably. 12.30 we had lunch Jeffery Forde brother of Garry Forde decided to go home after unsuccessfully trying to dry all of his clothes, his patrol leader Allan Butler volunteered to take him home. after lunch we had test passing for 11/2 hours after which we  went for a swim. We started tea early because of rain clouds that were covering the sky. We finished tea at 6.00 and had a sing song around one of the fires until it started to rain lightly so we all went to bed.

Monday 30th awoke 6.30am and went for a swim before breakfast which we started at 7.30am, and finished at 8.30. After breakfast all the camp with the exception of the hike tents was demolished. 10am we went for a hike around the rocks watching the fisherman as they tried their best to out smart the fish. 12.30pm We had lunch and packed up all the gear and were ready to move at 2.30. The bus that we were going to catch was due to leave at 5.00pm so we spent the rest of the time swimming. We caught the bus which arrived at Waterfall Station at 5.20pm the train left fro Sutherland at 5.25pm, where we changed stations and caught the electric train to Redfern. At Redfern we changed platforms and caught another train home. arrived home at 7.30pm.                                                          B Polhill

Area Camp At Toowoon Bay 10th 11th 12th June 1961

Those Present were B Polhill, R Redwood, E Foster, W Hodges, M Kemp R Leman,      C Shaffer, Y Krukar, J Grabyn, H Derbrook, K Richardson, B Evans,

Saturday 10th I met Ellis at his place at 7 o’clock as B Polhill was going to drive us there at 8.14 am . The rest of the boys took the train to Strathfield where changed and caught another train to Gosford at 9.45am. Myself Ellis and Barry had reached the camp. After unloading the equipment Barry went back for the boys. At 11am we started putting up camp. There were four hike tents, the pyramid and a  10 by 12 tent with a fly.

At 1 pm we had lunch which was a cut lunch after lunch we walked around the camp until 3.30pm. At 3.45 Barry, B Evens, Robert and myself prepared tea which was chops, potato, peas, pumpkin and tea. We were in bed asleep at 8.45pm.

Sunday 11th We awoke at 7.30am and Yarnic, Ellis and Mark prepared Breakfast which was porridge, toast with honey or jam and tea. By this time it was time for flag break so we assembled over were the flag was. After flag break there was scouts own Ellis, Yarnic and Warren went over and fixed the camp. After that a few of the boys went with Barry to get wood. After they returned it was time for lunch. After we lunched about 1.42pm. We played Seven Hills in a game of beach football Toongabbie winning 9-3. When the game finished it was tea time with Hans, John and Warren with Barry helping cook, after that Ellis Yarnic and myself walked to the entrance. After we returned and before we went to sleep we had a hot cup of milk and some biscuits.

Monday 12th For breakfast we had porridge toast and tea. After that we went to flag break which was at 9am and told it would be wise to leave one tent up. t 10.30am we started to pack up. All the little tents were folded up and only the big one was up for dinner. We had flap jacks stewed apple and custard. While we were having lunch it began to rain. After it stopped we went over were they were going to fold up the flag. we were told 700 scouts attended the camp and Seven Hills won the Shield with Westmead 2nd. We arrived home at 6.30pm.                K Richardson.


Tartoola District Area Pleasure Camp at Mount Kiera 30th  December 1962 7th January 1962

Those present Barry Polhill A.S.M. C Shaffer , W Evens, B Evens, G Taberner, H Den-Brook, P Johnson.

We met at the Scout Hall, put the packs in the back of Barry’s Ute. Four of us sat in the back with the packs and the others in the front. On the way down we stopped to buy some watermelon. Arrived at the camp sit about lunch time. The other Troops had to come by train so we were there first. After lunch, which was a cut lunch we pitched the tents. We then made a fire place. we didn’t have to make a larder, grease pit or kybo because the food was kept in a store hut, there was large tins for garbage and toilets and showers.

On Monday a type of athletic contest was held between Girra, Seven  Hills, Wentworthville, 8th Sydney, Toongabbie and Milsons Point. Wentworthville won and guess who come last?.

Three of Toongabbie kids went up the mountain and came back with a small copper head snake in a small thermos flask, we had to sleep with this for a few nights.

The next day we went for a walk in the bush. I got 2 leaches on me and the others also had plenty on them. That night Barry took us to  the Drive -In  were the Ute was turned around and we sat in the back in our sleeping bags. The Big Circus and Space Children were the two films.

Each morning a boy would collect the food supplies for the day. After breakfast was flag break at which I was T.L. All of us passed our swimming badge in the tiled pool. The pool is cemented around and has a spring board. We went into Pork Kembla  were we bought some badges for our camp shirts at the scout shop. During the day we went out in Barry’s Ute to nail up on trees Prevent Bush Fires and  sanctuary signs

On Friday all of us passed except Chris the Sportsman Badge. It started raining in the afternoon. Because of the wet wood we had to cook in a storm kitchen.

On Saturday a bower bird’s nest was found. There were blue pens, toys and other blue articles around it.

left for home about 8.30am arrived home 11.00am.                        P Johnson P.L.

Easter Camp at Heathcote 19th  April 1962 – 23rd April 1962

Those present were B Polhill A.S.M. K Richardson, P Johnson , B Evens, G Taberner, R Richardson, C Shaffer. B Williams, J G reeves, E Arundale, G Gwyther, J Arnold, R Evans and R Leman.

We assembled at the Scout Hall at 7.00pm and collected  the necessary gear all except the T.L. and three P.L’s placed their packs in the Ute which took them to the station. We Assembled on the station and waited for the train.

We arrived at Redfern station approximately three quarters of an hour later were we caught a train for Sutherland where we caught a rail master to Heathcote .

Barry was waiting for us at the station so we quickly made our way to the main gate. There we unloaded the provisions and slowly made our way to the campsite.  It took approximately two hours to reach there because of two fruit boxes which slowed us up. WE left these by the road side with two Scouts for which we later returned. That night we got to bed at two o’clock in the little cave.

The next day we moved into the bigger cave which which had been occupied during the night but now the occupants had moved out. Nothing except that we found that we had forgotten the tent pegs.

The next day we went swimming in the river. We made  a swing with rope and swung out over the water and let go. We had also made friends with some Rovers on the opposite bank.

We did not do much for the rest of the day, but on the third day we went on a hike to Woronora Dam. To save time we went through a mountain via a tunnel. The Tunnel was about a quarter of a mile long and was filled with large moths.

Nothing really exciting happened on the rest of the camp but at the end of the camp the rovers gave us the rest of their food that was left over.

We arrived home after a joy full camp.                  Barry Evans

The Cave    Those Present left to right                                                             B Williams K Richardson R Richardson G Gwyther                                                             C Schaffer J Arnold R Leman B Evans R Evans                                                                       E Arundale B Polhill J Greaves.


Aria Camp Toowoon Bay 2nd June1962 4th June 1962

Those present B Polhill, K Richardson, P Johnson, E Taberner, A Richardson, J Greeves, J Arnold, E Arundel and E Burnett.

Saturday 2nd We arrived at 11.30am set up camp. Attended District flag break Bas and Kev went to the sand hills. District camp fire night.

Sunday 3rd Forced to have a wash. District wide game. We found a octopus in a rock pool. We went swimming the water was unusueley warm for the time of year. Aria camp fire night.

Monday 4th  Kevin passed his athletics badge. Final Parade Kevin was presented with a pennant.

District Camp at Wallacia 29th September 1962 1st October 1962

Those Present B Polhill, K Richardson. P Johnson, E Renrebat, A Richardson, J Greeves. J Oliphant, R Burnett.

Saturday We caught the train from Pendle Hill to Penrith  were we had to wait for Barry to drive us to the camp site.After arriving we erected the camp site. We had District flag break. We climbed up a hill and mad a hideout. District camp fire that night.

Sunday We went down by the river and had a sand fight. Watched girls in boats. District wide game ended in failure. Had a game were there two sides and they had to get to different objectives.

Monday Seven Hills won the camp, and we came third. Arrived home at 5 o’clock.

Summer Camp at Mt Kiera  29th December 1962 5th January 1963

Those Present B Polhill K Richardson , P Johnson, G Taberner, A Richardson, S Cromer, B Williams.

Saturday 29th all meet at Scout Hall at 8 am. We were Driven there by fathers of Scouts, arrived 11.30am. We were divided up in to patrols. Set up campsite and kitchen.

Sunday 30th  The troop went swimming twice in the pool. Had Scouts own. We  went on District hike down to the creek.

Monday 31st We went on a hike to Wollongong beach and back, we had a swim in the surf.

Tuesday 1st We had an early morning swim Half the troop went to Drive -In at Fairy Meadow they saw Journey to the center of the earth.

Wednesday 2nd  went for a swim ,played cards at night while the rest of the troop went to the Drive-In.

Thursday 3rd It rained very hard. The campsite was a complete wash out. We had to evacuate to storm shelter sheds.

Friday 4th It rained all day. We played cards in the storm huts.

Saturday 5th The weather cleared up so we went for a swim. Packed up tents etc. We left Mt Kiera at 1pm, we arrived home at 3pm.             B Williams

Gate at Mt Kiera            Camp Site


Glenbrook Troop Camp 2nd May 4th May1963

Saturday 2nd Left for camp at 8 o’clock. Arrived at 11 o’clock Erected camp site by 3o’clock Barry and Kevin are on a trial 1st class journey. We went swimming,hiking. At night played cards and read comics.

Sunday 3rd We had breakfast. We mucked around Barry and Kevin arrived. We had lunch went swimming, had rock fights, sand fights, bunger fights. At night played cards and read comics.

Monday 4th We went swimming and hiking. At 3pm we packed up and went home. enjoyed camp very much and wanted to go back but maybe in a different spot where there would not be many visitors over the weekend and Monday.

Crosslands Camp  12th April 15th April 1963

Those Present Barry Polhill, Kevin Richardson, Yarnic Krukar, G Taberner, B Burnett

Friday 12th We arrived at 9.30am. We came by train to Hornsby, then walk to camp site. Just before the camp site we met Barry who gave us a ride the rest of the way. We set up camp and then went for a swim, the rest of the day we entertained our selves with hikes etc.

Saturday 13th Kevin went with some boys on first class and passed. Johnson went with me and failed. on our return some of us did a second class trial. The rest of us tried our hand at fishing and had a swim.

Sunday 14th Some kids passed first class axe man ship.

Monday 15th We took down camp and left area at 2pm. We arrived home at 7.15pm.

Toowoon Bay Camp 8th June 10th June 1963

June 8  Caught train at 8.40am and proceeded to Gosford Station. At the station we were picked up buses which transported us to Toowoon Bay.

Upon arriving at camp we erected tents etc. a Rally was held at night and Toongabbie won a pennant for winning the chariot race.

The next day three boy K Richardson, P Johnson and B Evans attempted the Backwoodsman badge and got it. We had a camp fire that night.

The next day we packed and broke camp and prepared to go home. We left the camp site at 2.30pm and were transported to station by buses. At station boarded train for home.                                                                     Ernie

Bungonia District Camp 23rd August 25th August 1963

The District held a camp for seniors down at Bungonia which is near Goulburn. Three from our troop attended B Polhill S.M. G Forde  A.S.M. and P Johnson.

P Johnson left with the Wentworthville Seniors on Friday night. We  left at 8.00pm from Wentworthville and arrived at 11.45pm  at Bungonia.

Saturday 24th B Polhill G Forde arrived early Saturday morning. After breakfast we went on a hike down into the Shoalhaven Valley. After descending into the valley we crossed the river above the rapids in waist deep water. Once on the other side we built a fire and dried off. We continued on and crossed again until we reached Lake Louise where we had lunch. We continued up the gorge through great boulders until we reached the track to the top. Some went to the top while others went on further to the waterfall. We arrived back at camp at 5.30pm. Most of the group (who could still stand) went caving into B-31.

Sunday 25th We went caving into Grill Cave. We had a look in the Drum Cave but could not descend. We left camp at 5.30pm and had tea at Mittagong at 7.30pm. Arrived home at 9.45pm.                                    Paul Johnson

Wallacia Camp 5th 6th 7th October 1963

Saturday 5th Left the Scout Hall at 7.30am. Arrived at camp site at 8.30am. Pitched tents and erected larders and kitchens. We went for a swim after lunch.

Those Present                                                                                         Back row Marshall, Evans, Richardson,                                                                          Forde, Oliphant, Ashken, Richardson, Burnett.                                                           Middle row De-Lloyd. Randall, Clark, Greaves,                                                             Evans, Renrebat, Grwyther, Bowden.                                                                              Front row Cromer, Pound, Greaves, Murray,                                                               Newlam, Johnson, Arundale, Ottaway, Pearce.                                                                                                                                             Sunday 6th Built a flying fox which was near the river. We had Scouts own. Paul< Barry, and Arthur went bird watching on the bridge. Had a camp fire at night came second.

Monday 7th Kevin, Paul, Barry got star man’s badge. Hawkins got Scout Cord. Went swimming. Left Wallacia at 5.15pm arrived home at 5.45pm.

                 Our Camp

Dural Jamboree of The Air

Those present G Forde A.S.M. K Richardson T.L. R Burnett P.L. T Oliphant and A Ashkan.

On Saturday we caught a 7.30pm train from Pendle Hill to Parramatta. We then started to walk but we caught a bus from David Jones to Rogans Hill. From here we received a lift in a Holden to Dural. After arriving we went on to introduce ourselves to those in charge. After the introductions we went outside and pitched our tents. At 10.15 we went inside just in time to pick up Great Britain. We then went into another room were local stations were picked up and we received calls  1st Guildford  Guides, 1st Greystanes troop and 1st Epping Troop. At 11.30pm the five of us went into the other room and were allowed to use the equipment. We picked up Tokyo Japan for 30 minuets. The 1st Launceston Scouts Tasmania. At 12.30 we went to bed.

On Sunday We arose had breakfast cleaned up then went into to try our luck. but we didn’t pick up a thing.

At 10.30am we were visited by 2 members of the Scouting Organization who made a speech and give a talk over the set. We also listen to the Ham Operators News which was presented by three Sea Scouts. At 12.45pm we had lunch and packed up and started for home. We were lucky as a truck came along and the driver gave us a lift to Rogans Hill from there we caught a bus to Parramatta.  We arrived home at 4.30pm.                                                                                                        K Richardson


Tartoola Sports Night at Ringrose park Wentworthville.

Those Present 1st Toongabbie Scouts and Cubs, 1st Girrawean Scouts and Cubs,       1st Pendle Hill Scouts and Cubs, 1st Wentworthville Scouts and Cubs,                         2nd Wentworthville Scouts, 1st Westmead Scouts and Cubs. Also Present was Seven Hills District.

The first event was the flag pole race, in this a team of seven boys and you had eight minutes to construct it. We were told to start, we had four poles up with 1/2 minute to go, so we attached guy ropes and stood back. we came first.

The next event was the chariot race. A seven man team to build a chariot and run the race we won again.

We came second with spiders dress.

The next event was the tent pitching race. a team of 3 boys had to put up a tent, go inside and change into pajamas then go back in and get changed and pull down the tent and pack it up. We came first.

The last event was the boat race we came second.

After that event they presented the awards, we won the Scout Pennant. The certificates we won were 1st Chariot race, 1st Tent race, 1st Flagpole race, 2nd Boat race, 2nd Spiders dress.


1st Class Hike 14th to16th March 1964

Those present were Barry Evens, Paul Johnston, Arthur Richardson.

A 7.15 am we left Toongabbie Station for Blacktown Station. We arrived there at 8.00am. Due to a mix up in the time of the train for Glenbrook didn’t leave till late so we caught the 8.35 for Penrith. We arrived there at 9.00am where we caught the 10.20 for Glenbrook. At 10.35 we arrived at Glenbrook ok, from there we made our way to the starting point.

It was on the other side of the (water course) railway line. We Started the water course narrow sides started to crumble. On the way down we passed two tributaries, we lunched in cave due to rain.

After lunch we reached Glenbrook creek from there we walked along the left bank. fairly easy walking so far, after we reached the track on top of the mountain which was supposed to start at the creek we walked along to the St Helena fork. From we cut down to the water course to first and second forks, very steep, camped on mountain top, we were well behind schedule.

Next day. We broke camp and started off, didn’t have breakfast, followed round to get down. Reached the bottom where we had breakfast. took the course and followed up the mountain, walked length of mountain, pushed for time, kept on in general direction till we came to the end. We realized we were lost and on the wrong mountain, we decided to make camp on a clear area. Lit a large pit fire and we had to purify a puddle of water, our only supply, we rationed the food had dinner and went to bed.

Next day. We arose early and had a boiled egg for breakfast each. We heard trains cars during the night and we could see building in the distance. The Paul saw a car moving on the opposite mountain, we broke camp and headed for the road.

Went across  valley and up to the road, headed in easterly direction along the road. Came to turn off and followed it to another fork followed right road heard on radio that we were being searched for. The road ended in dead end over cliff. we could see Glenbrook creek below so we climbed down to it. Reached bottom and followed creek for some time. Eat  the spaghetti. Finally we reached the wear where we got a lift to Glenbrook Scout Hall. Had dinner then went home to bed.                 Barry Evens


Camp at Lake Eckersley  on the Easter Weekend 1964

Back Row right to left A Richardson, Steven Cromer, Barry Polhill, Johnny Greaves, Alistair Ottaway, Glen Maher, Paul Johnson. Front Row Right to left Gary Hughes, David Greaves, Peter (spider) Carnley, Barry Pearce, Graham Johnson took the photo, the photo was taken at a dam. Rodney Maher, Tom Oliphant Steven Askken and Robert Burnett stayed at camp.

Friday We caught the train from Pendle Hill to Heathcote. When we reached Heathcote we hiked to Lake Eckersley. When we reached the camp site we pitched our tents and fixed the camp site. We explored the area. We then had tea and went to bed.

Saturday After breakfast we had a swim and Tom, Steve Askken and i went to Heathcote to buy a few things. When we got back we had lunch and then we had a swim and climbed up a mountain. We then had tea and had a sing song with some Guides.

Sunday After Breakfast we went for a swim. We had an early lunch because we were going on a hike. We to the dam where the photo was taken. By the time we got back to the camp site it was time for tea. After tea we went to a camp fire which was held by some other Scouts. When the camp fire ended we went back to camp and went to bed.

Monday After breakfast we went for a swim. After the swim we played around on the sand. After lunch we broke camp and hiked back to Heathcote where we caught a train to Pendle Hill and then went home.                                 A Richerdson

Camp Site

First Class Hike from Falconbridge to Warrimoo

Those present A Richardson, P Johnson and B Evans

Friday  We caught a train to Glenbrook then we walked to the Scout Hall of 1st Glenbrook. After the meeting we slept here.

Saturday we arose early and Mr Dutton picked us up and took us to Falconbridge Station, here he saw us off.

On the first leg of the journey we passed the grave of sir Henry Parkes in a cemetery, from here we proceeded down the road then crossed over over two mountains in a direction 210 degrees. On one mountain Paul saw a snake. We reached the fork at numents creek and proceeded up the left fork. After a long time walking along the creek and through the thick undergrowth we reached the highway and walked along it till we came to the correct road. P.S. we had lunch at the highway.

We walked to the end of the road where we met a man who owned an old Air force Telescope, we took bearings on land markers and proceeded along the road down the mountain to the creek, we had a rest.

From here we walked down stream for 3 hours until we came to Sassafras Gully pitched camp. That night we met some moonlight walkers one of which came from 1st Springwood Rovers.

Sunday After breakfast started off along the stream, on a track all the way. We Followed it to Martins lookout, we took bearings on land marks. Then we walked along the road which led from here till we came to the power lines. here we turned off and cut over one mountain and up the next, we saw a road on the next mountain and crossed to it. Followed road to the Avenue then to Flora Bella Avenue where we obtained the signature of Mr Stokes we then phoned Mr Dutton up.


Glenbrook Camp 2nd 3rd 4th May 1964

Those present Bas(S.M.) P Johnson (T.L.) B Evans, A Richardson, G Taberner, R Evans, B Williams, J Greaves, A Randall.

Friday  We went on Friday by train to Penrith then hiked to camp spot slept under the stars for the night.

Saturday   B Evans woke up finding that the birds in the trees above had left him a present on his  sleeping bag (faeies). Bar woke up finding out that a mouse had eaten through one of his pack pockets. We then started on a hike up the mountain but we turned back after R Evans fell sick. Instead we went on in the afternoon. We went up the mountain along the top and down the other side.

Sunday  In the morning some of us braved the cold water but not for long. A parrot was caught but it got away B Evans went after it but it still got away. Bas made a swing for us and B Evans went flat on his back on the rocks. Randall was another main attraction on it ( that is for the girls who were looking). Taberner got flour in his hair and also got an egg shampoo by B Evans. We left in the afternoon and a group of girl hikers followed us to the highway.                                          B Williams

First Class Hike Engadine Audley Heathcote 14th May 1964

Those present Paul Johnson Arthur Richardson Bernard Williams.

Tuesday Bas picked us up and drove us to Engadine Station we crossed train line and camped in the national park for the night.

Wednesday We rose early and followed a track which passed through a sports filed. Crossed over a gully to Goarra Ridge found a track and followed it to the end climbed down to a creek and followed it down stream to junction of 2 creeks, continued down stream to Horseshoe Falls. Continued until we came to Kangaroo Creek. Followed creek down stream, Arthur lost his jumper and my pack strap broke along hear. Continued on until we came out at Audley. We saw boats on the creek. We climbed up to the lookout where we had lunch and drew sketch of Audley. We followed road down to causeway and crossed over. We went through picnic area and crossed over a white wooden bridge. We climbed up a mountain directly opposite. At the top of this mountain we found a track going along the top. We followed this to the left until we came to Uloola Falls. We camped here for the night. we saw a young Alsatian dog.

Thursday  We got up had breakfast broke camp and followed track going off to the right. Alsatian dog followed us. We followed this track to kasloo pool. We followed creek upstream and took first tributary on the right. The dog is still with us. Followed creek upstream until we came to a dam where we had lunch. The dog shot through. we climbed up a mountain on the right and followed it to the train line. We followed train line through a sports field to Heathcote Station. Caught train and arrived home safely.                                                                                                 Paul Johnson.


Loftus to Heathcote Hike

Those present Bas (S.M.) P Johnson (T.L.) A Randall, John Greaves, B Evans, G Taberner, G Hill, G Johnson,G Guyther, S Murray, J Murray,T McCleary, S Cromer, C Clarke, R Evans, A Ottway, B Pearce, D Greaves.

On Sunday the troop set out to hike from Loftus to Heathcote. we left the train at Loftus and followed the train tracks for about 100 yards then crossed the highway and followed a track to the Royal National Park. After following the track for a time we climbed a steep hill on reaching the top we had a rest after our arduous climb. Then finding a track which Bas said was just below us we continued on our way for about 11/2 miles where we came to a trig station (most of the troop left their names there) we still kept following the track until we came to a water fall,then had lunch. We played around there for about 2 hours throwing beer cans full of water over the falls while we were playing about, I found a way under the falls and went through, most of the other scouts followed and got safely through except R Evans who fell in and got all wet and muddy. An old lady went mad at my brother David for throwing beer cans over the falls. We Resumed our hike and passed a likely looking swimming hole, after crossing the creek we lost the track for a while, when we found the track again the boys went ahead the wrong way. We arrived at Heathcote Station weary after a good days hike. we caught a train and arrived safely home around 6 o’clock             John Greaves

1st Toongabbie Parents Night 31st July 1964

On the night of the 31st of July1946 at the 1st Toongabbie Scout Hall a Cub and Scout Parents Night was held. Opening Parade Ceremonies were preformed by the Cubs and Scouts. The D.C. Mr H Ormerod presented Barry Evens with his Scout Cord after which Paul Johnson Received his First Class Badge and Scout Cord.

A Camp Fire and Sing Song followed, during which the commencement ceremony of the Senior Troop took place. A rope monkey bridge was constructed by Paul and Barry to signify the departure from scouts to the joining of the senior troop.

Skip B Polhill left the troop and crossed the bridge and was met on the other side by the D.C., Kevin Richardson being the only active senior followed.

G.S.M. B Lorking then crossed the bridge then crossed the bridge bringing with him Barry Evans, Paul Johnson and Tommy Oliphant who wished to join the newly formed Senior Troop. The Senior Troop was thus formed. Supper was served and the meeting closed.                                                                            Skip

Backwoods Man Badge 15th/16th August 1964

Saturday Bas drove us to Pennant Hills Training Camp where the badge examination was held. All Tartula District Troops were taking part. Those Present from Toongabbie troop were A Richardson, A Randall, E Arundale, T Mcileary, J Greaves R Evans, Bas and Bernard Williams.

The shelters were made that day for we had to camp under them Saturday night. A jobman’s hedge was was offered to us but only one boy i think went for it. the cooking of the fish was done and pouring  of water that night. On Saturday night we had a rumble with rumble us  and Bas and some boys where attending to the canteen that weekend. The shelters were tested during the night.

On Sunday most boys set up sundials. lookout posts were also made up the mountain. Some Scout Masters and the District Commissioner H Ormerod came up. They inspected Randall’s and my lookout. Skip Green tested it. It was very successful, only two boys failed.                                                                 Bernard Williams.


Penrith to Glenbrook hike 6th September 1964

We met at Pendle Hill Station at 9.00am. Caught the 9.25 train to Penrith and arrived there about 9.57 followed road to the Great Western Highway turned down first street on the left, Beach Street followed it to the end about 11/2 miles. We walked through golf links, then we continued on and found a track going along side of Nepean River. Arrived at Glenbrook Creek at 12.00 had lunch. Alaster Ottaway tried the impossible urged on by Allen Randall and made a beautiful splash clothes and all. After lunch we continued up the creek where we had a swim. We walked up creek to weir reached there about 3.20. Then we followed road to Glenbrook Station. Caught train to Pendle Hill Station. The hike was led by Arthur Richardson Troop Leader.                                                                                                                   Graham Johnson

Toowoon Bay Camp 3rd 4th 5th October 1964

It was a beautiful sunny morning I walked to Pendle Hill Station to catch a train to Parramatta. We arrived at Parramatta at 9.30am. Then we bought a ticket to Alburny, the train came at 9.35am. It took Three or four hours to arrive at Alburny. We stepped off the train and walked to the buses  would take us to Toowoon Bay. as we arrived we got our packs and walked to where we would camp.First we dressed ourselves then pitched our tents and helped to pitch the scouters tent. As soon we did that made the fire place, table, larder, cookery shelves and make the boundaries. after we did the work we had free time. In our free time we went down to the sand hills where we jumped off.

On Sunday morning we attended a Scouts own. For lunch we had a salad and sweets and for tea we had peas. potatoes and chops.

On Monday it was our patrols turn to cook for the troop. We had wheat-bits and cooked frankfurters. For lunch we had a salad and sweets. On Sunday afternoon we were sliding down a big hill on Barry’s sled. we were trying to see who could go the furthest. R Evens went the furthest. It was a area camp and 1st Toongabbie troop came fifth. It was very quick coming home home on the train and we arrived back home at 6.30pm in the evening.                                              E  Arundale

far away look at the kitchen   the tents in                                                                                                                               a straight line

a close look at the kitchen


Seventh Australian Jamboree Dandenong Victoria 29th December 1964 to 9th January 1965        

Those who attended John Burnett S.M., Arthur Richardson T.L. Graeme Taberner P.L., Bernard Williams P.L., John Greaves P.L., Earnest Arundale P.L. and Allan Randall sec.

Tuesday 29th December 1st day.

We all proceeded to Granville Station where we assembled and after goodbyes we were put on the train. The ride down was not the best because we had to sleep on the seats and racks. We stopped at Goulburn where we could by drinks and ice creams. Shortly afterword’s the lights went out and we tried to get some sleep.

Wednesday 30th December 2nd day

We were awoken when we pulled into Albury for breakfast, which consisted of a cup of cornflakes, bacon and eggs and a cup of tea.

We were herded onto the train and we left for Melbourne. We arrived ay Spencer Street Station where we had a fabulous lunch of sausages, potato, peas and a cup of tea.

After lunch we caught a suburban train to Dandenong where we were picked up by buses and taken to the campsite. Our gear was already there so we started pitching camp and went to bed fairly early.

Thursday 31st December 3rd day

The Jamboree got into full swing today. There was a lot of activity. Our troop started   building our gateway.

  The 732 troop Gateway

We had lunch and after donning our scout uniforms we had to go to the Opening Ceremony in the main arena. While we were lining up the New Zealand scouts entertained us with some dancing. We finally got onto the arena and the Governor General, Lord De Lisle officially opened the Jamboree.

After dinner we  went to the campfire at the back of the arena where many countries put on displays. The campfire lasted till midnight when the New Year began.

Friday 1st January 1965 4th day

After being rudely awoken at 630am we got up and had breakfast. After fixing the campsite we went on the wide game. This was part of the southern cross award.

We all completed this and then we had lunch.After lunch we handed in our pre Jamboree Projects, also for the award. we then visited the coolibahs in the afternoon. After dinner we walked around the camp- and swapped badges.

Saturday 2nd January 5th day

After breakfast we went to the Skillorama arena where we passed another part of the award with flying colours. After lunch I  managed to obtain leave for us. Earnie stayed at camp and the rest of us decided  to go to Luna Park. We caught a bus to the station and the a train to Flinders Street, where we changed and got the train to St Kilda. We met a man on the train who showed us to Luna Park and told us he would visit us.

After umpteen million rides we left Luna Park and just up from it was a games house. We tried our luck on just about everything. Graeme won 3 cups, I won 2. Alan won 1, John won1 and Bernard was unlucky. We then returned to the Jamboree with only 2 minutes of our leave pass left. We then went home to camp and went to sleep.

Sunday 3rd January 6th day

After breakfast we had scouts own, and after this we toured the camp, Graeme and I went to every Coolibah in the camp. After lunch we went on the Challenge Valley Course, this was good fun and we all passed. For lunch Bob Berriman from Westmead and I went to the Malaysian camp for lunch it consisted of fried meat and rice with salad and tea. It was delicious, I made the fatal mistake of having some Chile, boy was it hot. After lunch I was a runner for H.Q. we made many friends then.

After tea I went with Westmead Scouts on the Commando Course for the Seniors. It was fun. Then we went to the coolibah’s and after that we went to bed.

John Burnett our S.M  Arthur Richardson

Monday 4th January   7th day

After breakfast when the flag had been broken, it wouldn’t work, within a few seconds I found myself half way up the flagpole. I managed to break it without any trouble.

My brother and i went to some relations place where we stayed for the day. the other kids went to Melbourne.  We visited Mordiallac Aerodrome in the afternoon.

      some of the planes at the airport

Tuesday 5th January    8th day

Our patrol was awoken at 5.50am because we were unfortunately duty patrol. We had to cook and clean all day.

   Allan Randall trying to chop some wood

The meals didn’t turn out well and we were very much relieved after the day had passed. All of us in the troop decided to buy a lamb to roast to have a good feast and campfire this was very successful.

  left Ken Pidcock Westmead S.M. right Gunner G.M. lamb is in the middle.

Wednesday 6th January 9th day

After breakfast we went around swapping badges and scarves. After lunch we obtained some leave and we decided to go to Dandenong. When we arrived at Dandenong we went to the bowling ally where we booked a game. After waiting about an hour we were told we could have our game now.

Robert Ogg came with us Allan won the bowling. While we were there Allan and I swapped our scarves for Victorian ones. After we had finished bowling we wandered around Dandenong for a couple of hours.

We arrived back at camp with a few minutes to spare.

Thursday 7th January 10th day

After breakfast we went to the Coolibah. We played quoits and chess for a few hours and after lunch we went on leave. John Burnett and I went on a tour of the Dandenong Ranges the others went to Melbourne for the afternoon.

We went in a bus on the tour. We went to the campfire in the main arena in the night.

Friday 8th 11th day

Today was the day for dismantling the camps after the breakfast we took the tents down but left the eating shelter up for lunch. After lunch we took the rest of the camp down. After a last walk around the Jamboree we prepared for the Final Parade. The Final Parade was fantastic there were thousands of candles alight in the arena, while these were burning the Jamboree was officially closed by Sir Charles Maclean, Chief Scout of the British Commonwealth.

After the parade we went to the Coolibah Tent where we were to sleep for the night. Settling down took a long time but everybody finally drifted off to sleep.

Saturday 9th January  12th day

Today we were indignantly woken up at 3.00am. After being marched for about 3/4mile we were given a cup of milo and a piece of fruit cake. We then walked to the buses which drove us to Dandenong where we caught the train.

We stopped at Seymour for breakfast and then we proceeded onto Albury where we changed trains. At Junee we were given lunch. we then continued onto Goulburn where we had dinner. Finally we came to Granville and after many goodbyes we went home, where many of us thought about the fabulous days behind us.                                 A.J. Richardson  T.L.

Sassafras Gully Hike 21st March 1965

We caught the train at Pendle Hill Station and  traveled to Springwood Station. We walked to the gully and proceeded to have lunch. Barry let us have a swim in the swimming hole. When we were swimming a photographer with a move camera started filming and Steve Cromer started acting the fool, threw John Murry of a rock into the pool. Barry set a trail for the second class trailing and he also passed some of us on our first class swimming. We walked back to Springwood Station and found some Peacock Feathers. We caught train back to Toongabbie.                     R.J. Evans p.l. Kookaburra.

Troop Camp at Waterfall 18th-19th-2oth March 1966

7.30 Met at the hall in full uniform, transport was cars.

Arrived at Waterfall at 9-30 raining heavily, stopped at Scout and Ranger Huts. decided to stay over night then move on in the morning, turned in at 10-15. Woke Saturday morning, P.L.’s Skip and Hippo hiked up stream till we found a suitable camp site. Set up camp, 7.10 we had breakfast, washed up and then went for a swim. the water was about 5 foot deep in the deepest places. Some of the good divers dived of the rock about 10 feet above the water. Returned to  camp to build furniture for patrol sites. Had lunch 1-15 we had wide game 4-40 Kangaroo won the wide game, had a hiding game. We arrived back at camp at 6.00 had tea. We had a camp fire then cup of coca each and turned in at 8-00. Woke early and had breakfast.

Campers Badge

Arrived Friday night at Pennant Hills Scout Camp. Erected tents, dug trenches, built larders, grease pits, etc. The rain was coming was the word for that evening. About 8pm Friday night the rain came, first it came fast and hard then it slowed down to become a continuous bore, about ten that night we were all sitting or lying on our drenched sleeping bags. It seemed that the night would not come to an end. Next morning the camps were a hustle of boys in wet cloths. One camper Jim Marshall was flooded with one inch of water, his patrols cloths wet from top to toe. About 11am Skip Marshall arrived to give an announcement which did not astonished the troop one bit. The Camp Warden has asked the troop to retreat home for this weekend. The whole dam camp was a failure.

The boys going for their campers badge were: Alastair Ottway P.L. Koala, Graham Johnson P.L. Hawk and Jim Marshall P.L. Eagle.                                                                                                                                                                           Alistair Ottway P.L.

Toowoon Bay Camp 1966

Saturday  It was a beautiful sunny morning as i walked towards Toongabbie Station to catch the train. We arrive at Gosford at 9.30 and boarded the bus to Toowoon Bay, we arrived at Toowoon Bay at 10.30. We pitched our tents and got the fire wood for the fire. Then we pitched the fly, we built the fire and the kitchen, pitched the store tent, later we played a few games down the beach.

Sunday   morning was still fine we went for a swim then had breakfast and went on parade and then went to scouts own, after that we had the minuter Olympic games, after that we had lunch after lunch we went for a hike along the beach and sand banks and played war and had a couple of rumbles. When we came back we went for a few tests, after that we started to have tea. After tea we swapped some badges and then invited a few troops over for a small party we sang songs and told stupid jokes and ate cake. After that we walked around the camping area then went to bed. Suddenly in the middle of the night Jim Marshal my P.L. woke me up and told me the tent was nearly falling down. I went outside and saw that the store tent had fallen down the wind had torn the fly over the kitchen table, Hawk Patrol tent was down so was Koala, kangaroo suddenly our tent fell down. I ran into the large patrol tent the scout master sleeps in it was packed with boys so we decided we would hop into the Holden. We where a little cramped but it wasn’t to bad. The next morning about 5oclock we  tried to get the car started but it was bogged. We got out and pushed suddenly we got out and drove around the block nearly all the other troops had gone into the shed for shelter, it was water every where  all the other tents where down. We got back and hoped out of the car it was light enough for us to see so we tried to make breakfast. After breakfast we packed up ready to go when a friend of mine in another troop came over with his scout master, he told me that they where trying to make a fire when a frying pan full of burning fat landed on his head and set alight his hair and face but it wasn’t to bad. Another boy nearly chopped of his foot when the axe slipped and cut his foot, he had to get some stitches. After lunch we went to a house and waited till the cars came and picked us up and went home. that was the end of a camp which started off well but ended up a wash out.             John Mulder

Wenny Creek Camp 15th-17th December 1966

Friday night We left the scout hall at 7.30pm and arrived at 8.30. We pitched our tent and had some tea.We had a rumble then went to bed.

Saturday morning, We had a swim then had breakfast, after breakfast we fixed up our tent went for a hike and a swim. We did some test work and had lunch. After lunch we played down near the creek, then some cattle came near the camp and David tried to stampede them into the camp but they went down the creek. After tea we went for a at swim at 6.30 and back at 7.30 and went to bed.

Sunday morning, After breakfast we went for a swim then we did some test passing, after that the whole troop went for a swim and the scout master took the P.L’s to some place where we bought drinks and candy, we came back and went for a swim. After the swim we had lunch, after lunch we cleaned the billies and packed up then went for a swim and threw Niel Lawson into the creek then got changed and went home at 4.30.                                                                         John Mulder.

4th Annual Aquatic Swimming Carnival held at Granville pool Saturday 11 February 1967

Toongabbie scouts and cubs had a good turn up. The cubs won the cub section of the swimming carnival for the 3rd time in a row. The scouts won there shield for the first time in the swimming carnival.

The scout got a place in nearly every race. The Diving and Relay where won by Toongabbie.  We watched a demonstration of water polo during the night                            John Mulder

Sassafras Gulley

All the P.L.’s and seconds left on Friday night at 6.30pm. We arrived at Sassafras Gully after our train broke down at Wooramor at 11 pm. we arrived at the camp site after a long walk in the night at 1.00am in the morning we pitched one tent and went to sleep.

The next morning we pitched the tents and when the rest of the troop arrived we had a swim in the pool, after lunch we had some test passing and we built a preparation table and went swimming the rest of the afternoon. After dinner we had another swim, then had a small camp fire then had supper and went to bed. The next morning before breakfast we went swimming, after breakfast we had a wide game then had lunch and packed up and hiked back to the  train station.

Pennant Hills Training Camp.

This was a P.L. and seconds camp, we left scout hall at 8.30 those who attended where Scout Master Jim Marshall, John Mulder,  Terrance Craig, David Gravies, Neil Lawson, Chris Williams, Trever Arundale, Colon Brown, Chris Clark, Andrew George and Alan McTagatic.

It was a beautiful day as we reported our presence at the camp. We set up our camp site across the creek in a large clearing, we pitched two tents in the tree in which we sleaped and a P.T. on the ground and two hike tents. After lunch we played around and went on a hike in the afternoon. First Wentworthville arrived we found them and helped set up camp and got to know each other, after tea we had a wide game in the bush. After the wide game we had a camp fire and supper and a few items after which we went to bed early. In the morning we had a warm shower and breakfast, after breakfast we had flag brake and a scouts owne, after this played more games and made lunch ready, after lunch we had another wide game which took up the rest of the afternoon. At the end of the game we broke camp set of for home. The end of another enjoyable camp.

The 1st Toongabbie Scout Hall was opened to the public on April 8th 1967.

It started at 1.30 with the Scout Band followed by Toongabbie Scouts, Cubs and seniors followed by the rest of Tartoola District marching form Bulli Road up Bungaree road to the Scout Hall.

There were speeches and announcements by our G.S.M. and D.C. and others and former scouts of Toongabbie, the president of the group committee and his son who received  $200.00 from Wentworthville Leagues Club for his trip to the Jamboree in America later this year.

Then the opening of the scout hall with the unveiling of the plack in front of the scout hall. This was a happy occasion for the Toongabbie Group for many years we held our meetings in an old tin garage adjoined to an old tram. The new hall is of solid brick with modem kitchen, proper dens for each section, store room and toilets. The hall was built by voltrenory labour on Saturday of each week over the year, Mr George Designer G.S.M. put in the electricity wires.

Toowoon bay  1967

It was a dull cloudy morning as we left the scout hall and walked to Pendle Hill Station.

At the station we meet 1st Pendle Hill and 1st Girraween Scout troops . we boarded the train for Gosford. We arrived at Gosford, we boarded a bus for Toowoon Bay, we arrived at 11-30 found where our camp site was and set up camp, we where camped very close to the the sand hills among trees away from the wind. After lunch we made camp furniture and went of on Cumberland award hike to blue lagoon and back, made dinner and enjoyed it, after tea all the P.l. and Seconds and a few others went down along the beach for the nights raid on the other troops, we where the first out on the beach that night. About a mile up the beach we could see the other troops coming down we cut across the golf course and hid in the sand hills and attacked a group, after a few rumbles we where all tired and went back to camp where we had supper and went to bed. During the night it started to rain a few of us where in none water proof tents and we all climbed into the patrol tent where it was dry.it was cold and miserable night, early in the morning it looked like a storm was coming but we decided to brake camp at lunch time. We went around on the Cumberland Award and had scouts zone after which the weather cleared so we decided to stay. We hiked down to blue lagoon and played around, after which on the way back we found a small shark trapped in a rock pool. We carried it along the track but decided to slide it in a rock pool for later. After lunch we went for a swim and played  on the beach, we played with a dog who became our friend , we called him toon, after dinner we played around on the sand hills scarring the small kids by acting like we where the sand hog after which we had a rest. David Greeves roller skating with friends. We played on till Alan McTagatic split his toe upon a rock, he was taken to a hospital by skip, when he returned we made supper. The wind was cold and strong it looked like a repeat from last year, but as we sat and talked it changed and the stars came out. In the morning we had breakfast and finished the Cumberland Award. After lunch which we enjoyed we hiked up and down the beach and broke camp. We had a bus trip to Gosford and train ride the rest of the way home.it was the end of another long weekend camp at Toowoon Bay.


We left the Scout Hall at about 7-00 and arrived at causeway at 8-30. We proceeded up the bush track to the clearing. On the way to the clearing we stopped and head a rest and a drink. By the time we reached the clearing all the other troops had picked their campsites and we got last pick. by 2 hours we had finished setting up camp and it was time for inspection. When the inspectors came around we were collecting firewood and by the time night cam we had a good camp.

The next day Andrew George took the younger scouters to the causeway for swimming while test passers stayed with Mr Benson who is to be our Assistant Scout Master. I passed five test and my second class, my mind couldn’t think of anything else than being presented my second class and first aid badges. By Sunday we were ready for a raid on another troops supply tent, but on the way down we went to see 1st St Marys campfire’s items after that we returned to camp and went to bed.

The next day some of the scouts went swimming but I couldn’t go because I had a fight. By afternoon our tents were pulled down and our grease pits filled in and our dirty billies cleaned.

When camp was finished we were ready for final flag parade and badge presentations, Girraween received 80 badges two first class badges and scout cords. I went home in mr browns car and arrived home at 6.00 by the way our troop finished second last in the competition.

My patrol in this camp were Richard Rigby, John Newton, Phillip Morey, Shawn Fields and Neil Christopher (koala)                                         by Neil Lawson


Left the Scout Hall at about 9.00 reached camp at 10.15 put up tents and dug grease pits then at 3.00 went to  Graeme Sternbeck’s uncles house to watch the 1967 Rugby Grand Final Souths V Canterbury (Souths won 12-11).

After reporting back to camp we had tea then we had a game called stalking in which you have to reach a destination with out being caught. the  next day we played patrol soccer my patrol won all our games. After tea we listened to John Newton’s Transistor to hear the 26 Kangaroo’s picked to tour England.

We packed up camp the following morning after John Mulder had passed his cooks and campers badge and Colin Brown passed campers  badge.

Wenny Creek

We left the scout hall at 8.15 and drove along to Kurragong until we realized we had lost Skip but he soon turned up and we went on our way. Arriving at camp we pitched tents and set up campfires. It wasn’t patrol cooking and that took a relief of Colin Brown and myself as we were doing our Backwoods mans  badges along with Paul Pasezk.

After camp was set up we played patrol water-polo which was terrific. this camp we had different patrols they were Kookaburra, Kingfisher, Magpie and Parrot. I was patrol leader of Parrot Patrol which consisted of me,  Glen Benson, Graeme Sternbeck, Geoffry Gover, and three fathers (all the fathers had nicknames for the camp) , Lurch Lawson, Froggie French, Badger Brown,  Hedges Benson, to name a few.

After water-polo was over we went swimming but  Geoffry Gover cut his foot so we came back early. At night we had a campfire after that was over we went to bed with the mosquito’s, moth’s ext.  So i put on a mosquito cord but this fell down half way through the night in the morning we had lumps all over us. The next day we played water-polo fathers won 5-4 then we went home. I passed my badge.

Swimming Carnival Held Granville Pool date 17th February 1968

A gallant effort by a few boys on the day for Toongabbie.

We have had the shield for two years due to a few determined boys

Won by 1st Toongabbie

Australia Day January 1968 Parade at Blacktown.

The Parade this year was very well attended by the group.

Attendance was Akila Bogeera and 21 Cubs. G.S.M. Locking Skip Marshell and 16 Scouts.

The weather was very hot and everyone was glad when it was over.

australia day 1968


22 Boys G.S.M. Triplett A.S.M. T Best from the 4th Lithgow Scout Troop arrived at Blacktown on the Friday night and were allocated to the billets.

Saturday. both Troops met at the hall and went by bus to the zoo at Taronga Park. We came out of the zoo bourded the ferry and went to Circular Quay. Then from there we went to visit the pylon at the Harbor bridge. In the evening we went met at the hall where the ladies aux served dinner then a couple of games and home.

Sunday All the parents who billeted boys came along with their cars and we went for a picnic at bungool picnic ground.

The boys left again on Sunday night from Blacktown.

Altogether a wonderful weekend and it seemed to be a great success and well worth the effort.  Lithgow presented the troop with a book on trees and pennant.

Toowoon Bay Area Camp June 1968

This year the camp was attended by 26 boys skip and Mardi and e managed to gain 9th place in the competition. Main event of the weekend was the investiture of three boys on Sunday. weather reasonable but cold as always.

Visit to Lithgow July 1968

30 Boys Mardi and Skip went on the trip

Saturday A.M. Visit to a Goal Mine. Saturday P.M.Visit Blackfellows Hands followed by luncheon at hall in evening.

Sunday All day visit by bus to Jenolan Caves. A very good weekend was had by all.

Yarramundee Area Camp 1976

We left the scout hall at 7.30am and we proceeded along the Great Western Highway until we got to the B.M.G. Quarry, the we went down to the river where we where stopped by scout leaders to let other people get out of the camp. We arrived about 8.30am. We took the gear out of the cars and selected out campsite when we finished putting up the troop tents we had to put other tents before we could go to the shop so every one put in there bit of work and when we had finished everyone ran down to the shop. when we had finished eating we done some tests. The tests :- fitness, skills,commando course, pioneering, water activities, air activities and fun base. We done all the tests and we enjoyed everyone. On Saturday we didn’t do very meany tests. When we had tea and washed up Chris Williams, Gary Sharpe, Steven Nosita and my self went and saw a pop group called hawk and we had to wait 1/2 an hour for the guitarist and drummer. When they arrived we listened for a few songs then we went back to go to bed but we couldn’t because there wasn’t enough room in the tent so David, Tasca,  Craig Mcarthy and myself slept on the dining tables except for Craig  because he slept on the floor. We told a few jokes then fell asleep.

When we woke up in the morning Kenny Franks came running in and yelling his head off and making queer noises. When Kenny had Stopped we told a few jokes then got up and got dressed then we put our packs in the tent. Then we started breakfast, when we had finished breakfast i got stuck into the dishes. When we finished we did some more tests. Our last test before lunch was air activities after we finished the test we went back and had lunch. After lunch we did our fitness test and you had to tie your pl legs up and drag him through the mud. After the test some of us had to see Geoff Marsh about the Jamboree. When we had gone we went to the commando course and we skipped the mud slide and I went down it first and we liked it so much we went on it again. when we done it we went down and got our name marked off. When everyone was back we just sat down and told jokes. When we had tea I got suckered in with the dishes again then some kids were chasing us from another troop when we came back the others went to a camp fire but we stayed back and told jokes. when they came back we all went to bed.

When we woke up on Monday morning Steven Nasita came in and we told him that a snake came into the tent. When he didn’t Believe us Glenn Franklin came in and told us to get our packs and put them into the patrol tent. When we done that we had our breakfast and Craig and glen dried up. Then Chris Williams asked us did we want to go to the fun base we all said yes and then we went to the activity. We went on the fun base five times. after we were just about to go on again when Scott McDonald came down and said the others were at the water activities. When we got down there the others were listening to Jock Walker. After the others had finished they got in the canoes. When they had finished Chris and I got in a canoe then David and Gordon Got in another. We were Paddling for about ten minutes when they told us to jump in and get back in the canoe. When we had finished we had to go back and have lunch.  When we had lunch we hurried up and packed up. When we had packed we had to go down for closing parade and unfortunately we didn’t get a pennant but we got a certificate.                                       By Darran Martin


75th Anniversary Camp Camp Coutts 10th 11th September 1983

1st Toongabbie was one of the troops invited to Camp Coutts to celebrate 75 years of operation. The other troops invited were 1st Leichhardt, 1st Balmain, 1st Petersham, 1st Woolahra-Paddington, 1st Waverly, 1st Mosman (Oldest Troop), 1st Hurstville 1st Glenn Innes (Oldest Country Troop).

75th Group Anniversary

The 75th anniversary celebration took place on the 13th of November through the planning and organisation took many months so the anniversary was not just one day.

The day started with several of the parents and son arriving early to make the final preparations for the dinner and also the plays. When the guests arrived they firstly signed a piece of leather then a book. The day began with drinks then photos of the cubs, scouts and venturers which took painstaking time after the photos we had the official opening and speakers from other dignatories. Next was the less formal part of the afternoon the plays acted out by the cubs, scouts and venturers. Firstly the cubs then the venturers acted out there plays. Then the play that every body had com to see the scout play  Staring  Glen Storrie, Brian White, Mathew Field, Mathew McDonald and Noel Andrew.

The 75th Anniversary Badge was designed by Sue Cornell.


The application to register the Joey section was sent to the Scout Association on the 30/10/96.

The leaders were Penny Godfrey and Rebecca Murphy.

Most of the information on this page has come from the scout groups log book 2 as written by the scouts that attended the events


1st Toongabbie 100 reunion  September 2008

Today the Group is growing again, with a Joey Mob, a Cub Pack and a Scout Troop. The group is working towards starting a Venturer unit and one day hopefully a Rover Crew can be reformed, the strength of the group is not just in the Leaders but also in the Committee and the parent support, this is the key to a long lasting Group. For this is what has made it possible for 1st Toongabbie to last the 100 years and will take it to the next 100.

Tonight is an Opportunity for those of you from the past years to celebrate your involvement, but for the Group it is a chance to reacquaint you to their works and invites you to become involve with it’s future.

Help is always needed even if it is just recording some of the stories of your scouting past with the group, but more importantly support can be shown to the group in many ways, physically, spiritually, and financially. If you would wish to be a supporter please take this time to make it known to the Group through contacting Alan Murphy, or the Committee.











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