2018 is going to be a big one

HNYLooking forward to a BIG year of Scouting
at Toongabbie in 2018

Stay tuned for all the action.

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Getting about with our Troop

At long last; some pics of what the Scouts have been up to recently.

Providing First Aid for the Canoe Classic

Photos from the Jamborette

IMG_1198 IMG_1155

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Fundraising for our Group

Bunnings BBQs are an important fundraiser at Toongabbie.

bunnings bbq

Our next BBQ is Saturday 11th November.
We would love all parents and youth to lend a hand on the day.
Family and community members can support us by buying
one of our delicious sausage sandwiches.


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Scouts go Hiking

What did you do in the school holidays?

Katoomba hike
Some of our Scouts went on a Hike in the Blue Mountains.
Look at those smiles!

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Cub Pack Holiday at Glenfield Activity Centre

Campfire & cones


Cubs from Toongabbie and Quakers Hill/Doonside had fun camping last weekend.
They did lots of things for themselves including making camp ovens and washing up.
Most agreed the highlight was our Campfire and the Cones we made for supper, yummo!

Camp oven3 Parade

washing up phonetic alphabet


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Mother’s Day Cake Stall


1st Toongabbie wishes all Mums a Happy Mother’s Day

This week our group was busy baking, decorating and wrapping for our Bunnings Mother’s Day Cake Stall.
A big Thank You to all our helpers; youth, parents and friends who helped out. We had fun while raising some funds for our group.

Photo May 12, 21 38 14 Photo May 12, 21 39 07 Photo May 13, 12 31 02

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Term Review

1st Term Review:

Cooking, Water Activities, Games, Fun…

This is what Toongabbie did, get ready for an even bigger Term Two.

#Cook 3 #Cook1 #Cook2 #Scouts#Joey 

Scouts return 27th April, Cubs 1st May, Joeys 2nd May

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The Pack goes camping

Toongabbie Cubs held a camp at
Heathcote  in October.

The pack got to help set up their campsite and experience fun activities like bushwalking, following a trail and cracking the code, cooking pikelets and finding water.
They also had an ‘Australiana’ themed campfire as part of the
Great Aussie Bush Camp Out Weekend.

1 Parade 2 Settingup

Here are some of their comments from the weekend -
“During the period of camp, there were so many exciting activities, including a game we made up. I will call it “Hide and Find” – it’s like “Hide and Seek” with walkie talkies. Campfire night was amazing – we got to roast big marshmallows! I recommend this to the other Cubs who have not gone on a camp.”  -Z

3 Breakfast 4 Cooking

“First off my favourite part was when we went to the pool which was like a lake, and it was really clear, yet I thought since it was in the bush it would be really dirty. I really enjoyed sleeping in tents overnight as this was my first experience, and I’ve never slept without the comfort of my parents. I also really liked how they gave us healthy food since we were in camp, and the food that we were given really gave me the energy to do the activities.” -L

5 Bushwalking 6 Wakeup

“We played with the Walkie talkies. The game was boys hide girls find, it was really really fun. It was a really long game. For morning tea we cooked the pancakes on a grill with cream. It was delicious. We learned how to find water from plants and how to get clean water. We started packing up and helping taking the tents outs.  I really enjoyed camp because it was interesting to learn codes and signs.” -M


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Happy Holidays!

These School holidays both the Scout Troop and the Cub Pack are going camping…
no electronic devices allowed ;)

20160919_194130 20160919_194042

20160919_195910      20160919_201555

Here are some snaps of our Campfire night.

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Year in Review


1st Toongabbie have been busy this year.

Our ARP will be held on 30th April.
Come and listen to what we’ve been up to…

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